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When you first hear Baytown, you may be thinking about the sunny shores of California. Although Baytown is not part of California, it is situated along the eastern edge of the Houston metropolitan area, allowing visitors to still get close to the water. With its ever-growing population, Baytown is host to many large companies, including ExxonMobil and Chevron Phillips. The city supports the petroleum and petrochemical processing regions of the industry. The growing population and support for the oil industry may have you unexpectedly in need of an attorney in Baytown, Texas in case things take a wrong turn.

With the increase in traffic and travel down to Baytown due to commuters from all over the Houston area, personal injuries and automobile accidents have become more much common than before. To protect yourself, contact an attorney at the Lapeze & Johns law offices. If you need a lawyer in Baytown, Texas, they can cover you in multiple areas of possible accidents. Their office works on car accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, and even children’s injuries- being there for you every step of the way. With attorneys like Lapeze & Johns, you don’t need to look any further if you get hurt at work either, since they cover problems that deal with offshore accidents, business disputes, and even construction and industrial injuries. If you need an injury lawyer in Baytown, TX, make sure to contact Lapeze & Johns, the top Baytown personal injury lawyers.


What are the benefits of having a personal injury attorney for my case?

Similar to other professions, attorneys tend to specialize in certain areas of the legal world. You should keep this in mind while searching for an attorney to handle your case. The attorneys at Lapeze & Johns have dedicated many years of practice to personal injury law, and this allows clients to benefit from working with individuals that can offer a plethora of experience.

What questions do I need to ask a lawyer before hiring them for my personal injury case?

There are several questions you might consider asking a lawyer before hiring them to represent you in your personal injury case. For starters, make sure they are licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Also, ask about their background and experience in personal injury law. If you feel comfortable with this information, consider inquiring about fees and success rates. If you like the answers you are receiving, you may decide to put that particular lawyer on your short list of candidates.

Do the Lapeze & Johns attorneys take cases in Baytown as well as its surrounding neighborhoods?

The attorneys at Lapeze & Johns serve clients in anywhere they need them to in Texas, including Baytown and its surrounds neighborhoods. We are happy to work with clients in these general areas and are flexible with meeting in our Houston offices