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Resting about an hour’s drive from the heart of Houston, Galveston is not one of the most talked about cities in Texas. However, when it comes to tourism, Galveston is a hotspot. Boasting a strong economy thanks to tourism, there’s plenty to see and do there, including coastal retreats on the beaches, cruises to multiple destinations around the Gulf of Mexico, and a number of museums, galleries, and theatre houses. With so many tourists coming to visit, Galveston is known to keep these all well maintained and staffed, meaning they are always available to be visited.

Although Galveston is a wonderful place to visit, it’s far from accident or injury-free. In fact, with the increase in tourism and attraction of outside travelers, the risks for accidents and injuries are greater than ever. Adding this element of inexperience while driving around the area can create unwanted situations. For issues such as these, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Galveston is your quickest route to a solution. We suggest you look no further than Lapeze & Johns, home to some of the best lawyers in Galveston, Texas. Whether you need a Galveston accident lawyer or a general Galveston injury attorney, Lapeze & Johns will be sure to help you on your path to recovery and compensation.


How do I know if I need an injury attorney?

If you have wrongfully suffered an injury at the hands of another, there is a good chance that you will need a Galveston personal injury lawyer. In general, it is hard to give a simple answer as to whether you have a case or not due to the fact that each case is unique. If you have a feeling that your case may deserve legal action, feel free to reach out to an attorney with your case details to see if you should pursue things further.

What questions should I ask when hiring an accident lawyer in Galveston?

There are a number of questions to ask when hiring an accident lawyer in Galveston, TX. For starters, ask about his/her level of experience dealing with accident cases and their recommended approach to help you recover. After that, you can discuss their thoughts on potential settlements or litigation going forward. Some clients also like to know about the accident lawyer’s track record in litigation and dollar amounts recovered through settlements. In addition, feel free to ask your potential attorney more personal questions to know whether you can work with their personality or not. Accident lawsuits can become a lengthy process, so there is a good chance you will be working with the same attorney for a significant amount of time.

Do the Lapeze & Johns injury lawyers serve all of the Galveston, TX area?

While based out of Houston, the injury lawyers at Lapeze & Johns serve all of the Galveston, TX area. Our attorneys are more than happy to work with individuals in Galveston and the short trip out there should not be an issue. Whether it means meeting in Houston or Galveston, we are more than happy to serve your every need should you choose to become a client.