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As large as the Houston area is, it can be tough to know which Houston injury attorney to choose with so many different names to sort through. Boasting a large population of well over 2 million people, Houston has the largest population in Texas by a wide margin. Due to its’ high population, the number of injuries will also tend to higher than other cities in Texas. Whether you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, or general personal injury attorneys, the attorneys at Lapeze & Johns can meet your needs.

Although Houston’s economical industries have large areas in health care, aerospace, and other fields, oil is still a driving force in the economy. As such, it is more commonplace to hear about or experience a workplace injury in the oilfields, as this line of work is relatively dangerous. Making sure you have an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston is essential.

Not only are workplace injuries commonplace in Houston, but roadside injuries occur daily as well. With such a large population, Houston has its fair share of motorcycle accidents, car accidents and 18 wheeler accidents. Such accidents occur due to increased travel and traffic congestion. If you’ve been involved in an accident, finding a Houston, TX accident lawyer that can help you recover financially is mandatory in case things go wrong. For those cases, Lapeze & Johns proudly bear the title of premier accident lawyers in Houston. Since the firm is based out of Houston itself our clients can expect quick care and an easy road for communication.


How do I know what type of personal injury lawyer I need after an accident?

In general, you need a personal injury lawyer that has experience with the type of accident you were involved in. The only way you will know this is by reaching out to the prospective attorneys you want to work with and ask what type of experience they have with your type of accident. Choosing a firm that has attorneys with experience in a wide variety of accidents is a great place to start your search.

How long have Lapeze & Johns been personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX?

The attorneys at Lapeze & Johns have over 35 years of legal experience in personal injury law in Houston, TX. All of this experience has led to an understanding of the challenges, pain, anxiety and financial difficulties involved in personal injury lawsuits. Our attorneys work diligently every day to help our clients get through this difficult time and ensure they are compensated for their losses.

Will a personal injury attorney help with all types of auto accidents?

A personal injury attorney may or may not help with all types of auto accidents. It mostly depends on the comfort level of the individual attorney with each case. While all auto accidents are generally similar from a procedural standpoint, knowing the nuances of various types of auto accidents is where experience and specialization becomes a factor. It is wise to hire an attorney that knows how to handle the subtleties your specific accident.

What kind of jobs have workplace injuries requiring an accident attorney?

Any type of job can have a workplace injury requiring an accident attorney. However, certain kinds of jobs carry a higher percentage inherent risk of injury. Jobs like factory work, offshore oil rigs, and construction are some of the highest injury rates we see in our office. If you have suffered an on the job injury, be sure to contact our attorneys to discuss your case.