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No one ever wants to be subject to a workplace injury. Such an accident occurring is never pleasant, nor is it easy to go through. Whether you’re a bystander that testifies or the victim of the injury, the added stress of potential legal action can weigh very heavily on the mind. When this time comes, having the best Humble, TX attorney’s office on your side can help alleviate some of this stress.

In Humble, Texas, the rich history of oil work is still prominent to this day. The long history, spanning over 50 years, cements Humble as one of the largest oil cities in Texas. However, with industry growth comes an increase in the frequency and severity of accidents occurring on the job. Having something go wrong on a rig can have massive repercussions, both to the person injured and to surrounding areas. Due to this issue, many oil companies will go to great lengths to make sure they do not have to provide any compensation for the injury, which means they will use any means necessary to put you at a disadvantage. Luckily, you won’t have to look any further for an attorney in Humble, TX than the office of Lapeze & Johns. When you need an accident lawyer in the Humble area, Lapeze & Johns will make sure to have you backed up and prepared for whatever lies ahead.


Does Lapeze & Johns work with accident & work injuries in Humble and its surrounding areas?

At Lapeze & Johns, a Humble accident attorney can provide you with consultation and representation for accident and work injuries in Humble and its surrounding areas. While our main office is located in the city of Houston, our attorneys are more than happy to work with clients located in the nearby city of Humble.

How do I know if Lapeze & Johns is the right personal injury lawyer for me?

There are several reasons why past clients have raved about the representation and service provided by our office. However, only you will really know if our office is right for you. Our recommendation would be for you to call and schedule a time for a free consultation. From there, you should be able to evaluate whether our attorneys make you feel comfortable, possess the expertise and can provide the service you need for your case.

What kind of cases will you take on?

Our attorneys may consider any injury that occurs in connection with your workplace. Some typical injuries that are covered in cases we take on involve individuals being injured by equipment or simple negligence. The medical expenses and pain and suffering make up the damages that are usually sought after in a lawsuit. At Lapeze & Johns, a Humble accident attorney can provide more details if you need a deeper explanation.

In all types of work, injuries and deaths can occur. Some of the more common injuries occur due to equipment failure, employee negligence, improper safeguards or training, and lack of training. If you have suffered a work injury and need a Humble, TX attorney, be sure to call us as soon as possible.