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If You Are in Need of A League City Personal Injury Attorney – Look No Further

League City is not necessarily one of the more well-known cities. Situated in the southeastern corner of the Houston metropolitan area, it houses approximately 102,000 people and is still growing. With its main attractions being waterside resorts drawing in outside visitors, no one would assume that you would need to hire a personal injury lawyer in League City. However, waterfront luxuries do not guarantee stress-free relaxation. From accidents and injuries to business issues gone sour, you never know when you will need a couple of decent lawyers to keep you protected from legal threats. Out of the many lawyers in League City, opt for Lapeze & Johns      for your protection when times get a bit stressful under the litigation processes.

With many years of experience under their belts, Lapeze & Johns have found a way to service individuals all over the Houston metropolitan area, including League City. Amongst the number of local  attorneys, Lapeze & Johns will benefit you the most by covering more legal areas, such as: construction accidents, premises liability, and children’s injuries. If you get into disputes, or see yourself on the not so fun side of the law, they are able to work with you as your League City personal injury attorneys to help cover more ground.

If you are in need of an attorney in League City, TX, give Lapeze & Johns a call. With a great approval rating by previous clients, they will help you get the just compensation you deserve.


When is the right time to contact a League City personal injury lawyer after my accident?

There are various schools of thought as to when you should contact a lawyer after an injury, but our opinion is that you can never reach out soon enough. Having the proper representation at your side from the onset of any legal proceeding can help you end up on the winning side. Many individuals may not realize that a legal proceeding may begin the second an accident occurs and any statements, evidence or misplaced confessions may hurt your legal outlook in the long run.

What all do your League City personal injury attorneys do for me during a case?

For starters, all potential clients are able to use our free case review form to submit information and determine whether you may have a case or not – all without the hassles of an office visit. From there, our attorneys will gladly schedule a sit down meeting with you if we feel you have a case. Once you have decided to work with our attorneys, we will explore your legal options and offer advice as to which may be the best route to take. Whether it is a simple demand letter or full lawsuit, our attorneys can assist you as you go through trial or end in a settlement.

What kinds of injuries and scenarios do the Lapeze & Johns lawyers handle?

Our lawyers handle a variety of personal injury scenarios, ranging from construction accidents to burn injuries. For a full list, and to see whether your case may be covered, check out our full list of practice areas.