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Finding an attorney is never easy and finding a Pasadena personal injury attorney, or even a car accident lawyer in Pasadena, TX, can seem like a chore. Inside a city boasting the 17th most populated area in Texas, sorting your way through the innumerous lawyers vying for your case can be time consuming and sometimes harmful to your case. If you are in the oil and gas industry, or even the Maritime shipping industry, you  are likely aware of the pains in dealing with the law. If something goes wrong, not every accident lawyer in Pasadena will be fully equipped to take your case. To shorten your search, just look up the Lapeze & Johns office in Texas. Servicing clients all around the Houston area, they have a reputation of always giving their all and will be your best bet out of all the Pasadena accident attorneys you may be considering for your case. For cases that involve your personal life, or in the event that you need a Pasadena accident attorney, Lapeze & Johns has an outstanding track record for many different areas of personal injury law. So, if you’re looking for a Pasadena personal injury lawyer, look no further than the offices of Lapeze & Johns.


Do the Lapeze and Johns Injury lawyers in Pasadena take all types of cases?

Generally, the injury lawyers at Lapeze and Johns are equipped to handle all cases in the personal injury realm of the legal world. However, there are certain cases they may choose to pass on. To get a better idea if your case falls under their areas of practice, be sure to visit the firm site. Our attorneys do not handle divorce or criminal law cases.

What kinds of workplace injuries in Pasadena require injury attorneys?

You may need a work injury attorney for just about any accident that occurs in the workplace. Whether it be a slip and fall in an office or near fatal industrial injury in the factory, don’t undervalue your case and avoid seeking out legal advice. The safer route would be to schedule an appointment for an attorney consultation soon after an injury to see what your best course of action should be.

How do I know which attorney is best for my case?

There are several factors that go into choosing a lawyer – experience, comfort level, personality and cost are just a few that come to mind. Before committing to any one attorney, try reaching out to our office to set up an appointment for a free consultation. Following this meeting, we can give you our opinion on whether your case is worth pursuing and provide you with details to move forward towards becoming a client. From there, you will have a choice to make as to whether you want to work with one of our attorneys and we certainly hope you say ‘yes.’ Our office has a number of attorneys that are experienced, work well with clients and help clients recover valuable damages . Give Lapeze & Johns a call to schedule a free consultation.