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Spring, Texas is located north of Houston, just a bit north of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Spring boasts an estimated population of roughly 60,000. Although small, the area holds its own unique charms and attractions, as well as attracting ExxonMobil to build a corporate campus there. Because of this, understanding the need for a lawyer in Spring is a good thing to keep track of.

So, why would attracting a large, corporate campus cause the need for an injury lawyer? Simply put, there is more traffic near the city, as well as possible injuries that occur at the industrial buildings themselves. Finding a lawyer can cover you for many future events and scenarios, so contact Lapeze & Johns, the experienced lawyers in a wide variety of fields. If you have been involved in an auto accident and need to contact an accident lawyer in Spring, they are your people to call. They have multiple years of experience under them, as well as a great team of lawyers that will work on you with whatever you need. Injured on the job or at home? They are your personal injury attorneys with a consistent approval rating and great reviews. So, remember, if you’re ever in need of an attorney in Spring, Texas, call Lapeze & Johns.


What are the most important things to consider when hiring an injury lawyer in Spring, TX?

There are several factors to consider when hiring an injury lawyer in Spring, Texas. For starters, it is important to make sure the lawyer is licensed in the area and experienced with your type of case. After that, it is very important to gauge your comfort level with a particular lawyer. Keep in mind that you may be working with that attorney for the good part of the next year, or longer in some cases, and personalities may clash or mesh during that timeframe. Make sure you get along with your lawyer and have a feeling of trust when speaking with him or her.

In what ways will an injury attorney benefit my case and hearing?

Any attorney will be more beneficial to your case than none at all. Beyond that, it comes down to experience and specialization in the legal world. Similar to trusting a surgeon to perform medical surgeries on you, you should be more trusting of an injury attorney to handle your personal injury case versus any other type of lawyer. Having a lawyer that knows the ropes of the areas of law involving your case will benefit your hearing by helping you recover what you deserve.

Does Lapeze & Johns offer consultations before I commit to hiring an injury lawyer?

Yes, Lapeze & Johns will gladly offer you a free consultation before signing you on as a client. To that end, any firm that requires an upfront fee before even hearing the details of your case is not the type of firm you want to work with. We would love to meet you and hear about your case to see if there is a mutual fit before we even discuss the financial side of our attorney-client relationship.