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What makes Lapeze & Johns the Best Lawyers in Houston?

We Believe Our Attorneys are Top Notch and Here’s Why:

If you’ve been injured recently, don’t settle for just any accident attorney. Turn to the best personal injury lawyer Houston has to offer by contacting Lapeze & Johns to get your claim headed in the right direction. Our personal injury lawyers will analyze your case and provide you with any and all legal options available to you. From there, your choices will be respected as to which direction you wish to go.


Caring Attorneys

We truly believe you will be receiving a professional service from the best injury lawyer for your particular case, should you choose to work with our firm. This goes beyond the courtroom, as our attorneys advise their clients to look after others at the scene of an accident. Call 911 immediately if you are involved in an accident and it appears someone needs medical attention.


How to React to an Accident

While working with the best car accident lawyer in Houston, you will gain valuable advice regarding how you should handle any future car accidents. While it is important to call for medical attention at the scene of an accident for the care of others, it is also imperative that this is done for legal reasons. Remember that from this point on, your actions are being watched and may come back up later if anyone is called to testify or give their account. In addition, keep in mind that your actions may become part of your reputation in the Houston area going forward. Never admit fault at the scene of an accident, especially if someone sustains an auto injury.


We Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Sometimes it goes overlooked how important immediate medical attention is after a personal injury has occurred, whether it be an auto injury or work injury. Our personal injury lawyers think it is in your best interest to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Not only for legal reasons, but also to make sure your medical needs are addressed before moving forward with any potential personal injury claims. If you are seriously injured, it may be hard for you to fully enjoy the recovery process of a personal injury lawsuit. While the cost of medical expenses can weigh on the minds of victims, ensuring your well-being is made a priority is the first step towards a successful personal injury claim. Keep in mind that these medical expenses will serve as a basis for damages and could very well be reimbursed in the event of an award or settlement.


Call the Best

If you want the best attorney in Houston, TX working on your case, reach out to our office. The above justifications are just a few of the several reasons that our previous clients have expressed satisfaction with the service they received. No matter what stage of a personal injury claim you might currently be at, don’t waste another minute, give us a call..