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Can You Make a Claim for Minor Injuries?

Posted in I’ve Been Hurt- Now What? on October 31, 2017

Making legal claims is always a tricky business. When it comes to one’s safety and health, any type of injury is cause for concern. Yet, not all companies see it that way. They tend to classify injuries and deem certain injuries less important than others. To an injured worker, it may not feel like a…

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My Child Was Injured at a Playground

Posted in Whose Liability is it (anyways)? on October 24, 2017

As kids and adults, we see playgrounds as a fun, safe, and friendly environments that can be used for endless entertainment. With swings, jungle gyms, and open places to run and expend all the pent-up energy, it should also be an area free from worries and injuries. However, just as in the real world, anything can…

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The Jones Act: How it Applies in the Gulf Coast

Posted in OS- Get to Know Maritime Law on October 19, 2017

When it comes to maritime law and legal actions, the Jones Act is one of the leading acts that precedes all others within the U.S. waters and ports. Created and instated in 1920, it has been amended multiple times to become an updated act to protect sea trade and work within the United States areas. However, one…

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Faulty Equipment at Work: Who is Liable

Posted in Whose Liability is it (anyways)? on October 17, 2017

Accidents at work are almost commonplace in the world today. From slipping and falling to machinery slip-ups, accidents occur on an almost daily basis. This holds true especially for factory and large-scale warehouse work, where large machinery and equipment is used on a day-to-day basis. With large machinery and equipment, inevitably come breakdowns. Sometimes those…

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I Fell At Work, What Can I Do?

Posted in I’ve Been Hurt- Now What? on October 10, 2017

Many accidents can occur at work. Equipment failures, poor training, simple mishaps–all these can factor in to workplace injuries. Whether voluntary or involuntary, these injuries do occur and serious financial suffering via medical expenses often follow up. One major event that can occur when working is accidental slipping, or falling due to some form of…

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Do Dock Injuries Count as Maritime Law?

Posted in OS- Get to Know Maritime Law on October 5, 2017

Injuries that occur while working can be extremely difficult to pursue when attempting to file under any legal claims due to the various approaches one can take. This is especially true when working in a more select field, such as any and all maritime jobs. These include seamen work, working on oil rigs in the…

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Where do I Start in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Posted in I’ve Been Hurt- Now What? on October 3, 2017

Deaths are never a positive event to deal with. Leaving the world at an all too soon moment in time is something that tugs on everyone’s hearts and weighs down everyone involved. What makes it even worse is when the death was caused by someone else who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. Sadly,…

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How To Start A Personal Injury Case In Texas

Posted in I’ve Been Hurt- Now What? on September 26, 2017

Personal Injury can be an extremely intricate subject. Depending on the time, place, and source, a personal injury case can involve multiple different parties, or you may be left to fend for yourself. It’s a terrifying prospect that no one wants to go through alone. To alleviate some of that worry and stress, we’ll be…

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Know If You Have A Case For Your Offshore Injury

Posted in News & Events on September 21, 2017

Offshore injuries are some of the most dangerous injury cases out there. With the threat of such accidents like rig explosions and boating incidents, understanding when your injury is considered an offshore injury for the company will help you immensely. Unfortunately, sometimes the process is muddled in law jargon, and is tough to traverse without…

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Workers Compensation vs. Personal Injury

Posted in Choosing The Right Lawyer For Your Situation on September 19, 2017

Workplace accidents and injuries are, sadly, a common occurrence within the working world. Whether it be strains from moving office materials, or having a fall or crush injury inside of a factory or warehouse, injuries can occur anywhere, anytime. Personal injury claims may often be an option as well when someone gets hurt in this…

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