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Personal Injury

How Water-Based Activities Lead to Maritime Injuries

Posted in OS- High Seas, Personal Injury on March 20, 2018

Spring is here and that means many of us will soon be heading out to enjoy a day relaxing by the water, fishing on a boat, or having a fun afternoon of water-based activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, or parasailing. Along with providing the perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation (as well as plenty of…

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Bus Accident in Alabama Involving Houston-Area Band Students

Posted in News & Events, Personal Injury on March 13, 2018

As reported by CNN, a deadly bus accident occurred early Tuesday (3/13) morning involving a bus carrying Houston-area band students in Baldwin County, Alabama. The tragedy included several injured people, who were taken to 10 hospitals throughout the region, including the Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, which received 18 of the injured victims. Medevac helicopters…

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How Long Do I Have to File a Maritime Injury?

Posted in OS- Get to Know Maritime Law, Personal Injury on March 8, 2018

It can seem like there are not enough hours in the day to juggle medical expenses, rehabilitation, and reparations after a maritime accident. With such little time, finding the right maritime lawyer in the Gulf Coast area that can adequately represent you begins to seem more like a pipe dream than a reality. But there…

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8 Myths About Personal Injury Claims Debunked

Posted in Personal Injury on February 12, 2018

There are a lot of myths about personal injury claims with many of them coming from television, movies, and misinformed family members. Unfortunately, listening to untrustworthy information can lead to making a bad decision. At Lapeze & Johns, PLLC, our Houston personal injury attorneys want to pull back the curtain of confusion in an effort…

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