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Need Legal Help from a Liberty, Texas Lawyer?

Lapeze & Johns Provides Attorneys in Liberty, Texas

Liberty is a quaint town located in Texas, about a 45-minute drive northeast of the heart of Houston. Although it is not the most well-known city, it does have a rich history as the 3rd-oldest city established in Texas itself. Along with that historical title, it also holds a twin of the Liberty Bell that is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With only a few thousand people to the population count, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I need to look for a personal injury lawyer?” The answer is quite simple. Finding a lawyer to help you with any personal injuries or accidents that have occurred makes life that much simpler for yourself, and ensures that you will always have the backing of a reputable and reliable lawyer in Liberty, Texas in case things go wrong. With such a small population, Liberty may not have the abundance of legal service options you may find in Houston.

Out of the many lawyers and attorneys that you may attempt to contact, your best bet for an attorney in Liberty would be Lapeze & Johns. While our main office is located in downtown Houston, our attorneys are able to work with clients all the way in Liberty and further. Established a few years back, they have many years of experience and knowledge to sufficiently help you if you need an. So, what makes Lapeze & Johns a better choice than other Liberty, TX lawyers? Whether it be resources, experience or specialization in the area of law, our attorneys can offer it all. From children’s accidents to auto incidents, as well as business disputes and wrongful deaths, our attorneys have the skills required to handle your case.


What will my Liberty injury lawyer do during my case?

For starters, they will review your case and determine which legal options may be your best course of action. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may assist you with a lawsuit, demand for recovery in the form of compensation, or try to settle with the opposing party. Regardless of which path you take, your injury lawyer should be able to explain your options and advise you where you should turn next.

How soon after an incident should I contact a Liberty personal injury lawyer?

Our opinion is that you can never call “too soon” after an accident. Once you’ve taken care of your immediate injuries and gathered evidence, you should always talk to a lawyer before any outside insurance agents or other parties. The actions you take and the statements you make after an accident can all be used against you. You may have unknowingly made a confession in the heat of the moment if you are not prepared. If you are involved in an accident, make sure you and other involved parties are safe, and call 911- then contact Lapeze & Johns.

Do the Lapeze & Johns Lawyers handle personal injury cases in all of Liberty and its surrounding areas?

Yes, the lawyers at Lapeze & Johns handle personal injury cases in all of Texas, including Liberty and its surrounding areas.