Lapeze & Johns Scholarship

 The lawyers at Lapeze & Johns are giving one promising high school student in the US a $1,500 scholarship every year. This scholarship gives students a chance to not only help fund their first year of college tuition, but also address and inform people of important issues faced by young adults in America. The Lapeze & Johns Scholarship aims to encourage, support and inform the American youth of the tough issues they will face, and reduce preventable tragedies.

Applicants interested in our scholarship must produce a campaign on one of the top five struggles faced by teens today:




Sexual Activity

Drug Use

Alcohol Use


Teens today face a myriad of difficult decisions and scenarios, many of which not only harm individuals, but often put lives at risk. By making their PSA or topic solution ideas, we hope students around the nation will join us in spreading awareness about the struggles faced by young adults on a regular basis.



The Lapeze & Johns Scholarship is available to any current U.S. high school juniors and seniors, regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0+ on a 4.0 scale and must be planning to enter an accredited four-year university after graduation.


Entry Information

Entrants are asked to create a PSA or an essay that highlights the complications and dangers of the provided topics, as well as how to address and prevent the issues in the future. Applicants should be targeting other teens and young adults in their own age range, taking this into consideration when forming campaign and essay ideas. Entrants are encouraged to thoroughly research their topic’s impact (locally and nationally), and provide a thoughtful solution for reducing the amount of injuries and fatalities associated with it. Students may provide their solution one of two ways:

Video entry:

  • 60-90 seconds in length
  • Unique campaign slogan
  • Minimum 1 infographic
  • A typed script from your video
  • YouTube link for digital submission, USB or DVD for mail-in.

Written Entry:

  • 1,200-1,500 words
  • Typed, double spaced
  • Your unique and creative solution to combat your chosen topic, in the form of a campaign or PSA
  • All digital submissions must be in .PDF format

All presentations should clearly state the applicant’s name and current school, and must clearly define which topic they are addressing. Each presentation should also include a works cited or bibliography for any sources referenced or used in their research or infographics.


Submitting Your Scholarship Application

Applicants must provide all entry materials to us digitally in a PDF or by mail by midnight the day of June 1st of your graduation year. 

The winning student will receive the Lapeze & Johns Scholarship of $1,500 in a single payment towards their first year of college. This money will go a long way for many students to help pay tuition, books, living and other fees.
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Entry Materials to Submit:

  • Completed Scholarship Application
  • Video presentation or Essay
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • Current High School Transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Letters of Recommendation (Optional)


Digital submissions should all take place on our online form with any and all attachments in a PDF format,  and any mail-in submissions should be sent in one single package to:


ATTN: Scholarships

Lapeze & Johns, PLLC

601 Sawyer St, Suite 650

Houston, TX 77007


The firm is not responsible for any damaged or late applications. Anything received after midnight on May 17th, 2017 will not be allowed consideration for this year’s scholarship.


Award Process

We will announce the winner of the Lapeze & Johns scholarship by June 20th  each year. The winning applicant will receive the $1,500 scholarship for their hard work and commitment to a safer generation of young adults. After applications have closed, our team will come together to evaluate each student based on:

  • Level of Topic Comprehension & Research
  • Creativity of Solution or Campaign
  • Current Academic Achievements & Test Scores
  • Extracurricular Activities in School or Their Community


The decision made by our team is final, and the winning student will be notified via telephone or email by the specified date. The winning applicant will receive the $1,500 scholarship as a single check made out to the student.


Teens and young adults face higher accident and injury rates than any other demographics. Because so many of these tragedies are preventable by simple information and education, Lapeze & Johns wishes to help encourage healthy conversation among teens about these issues. We wish every applicant the best of luck, and thank you for participating to help inform and prevent tragedies for current and future generations in America.



Entry ownership

All scholarship and application materials, including all copyright and trademark rights, submitted by students become the property of Lapeze & Johns Personal Injury Law Firm once submitted. Entrants who provide the application materials associated with our scholarship opportunity acknowledge Lapeze & Johns, PLLC’S rights to display, distribute, modify, publish, reproduce and promote the content without compensation to the applicant or anyone else. No physical submissions will be returned to applicants.

Use of personal information

The winner of the scholarship and their guardians consent to the use of their name, their school or institution’s name and the area in which they reside. The winning student and their legal guardians also consent to use of their application or award information for promotional purposes without additional compensation.


By submitting your application for the Lapeze & Johns Scholarship, you and your legal guardians agree to hold Lapeze & Johns, PLLC and its employees harmless from any liability associated with the contest or award process. Lapeze & Johns, PLLC reserves the right to use any submitted content from the contest. The winning applicant must sign a waiver of liability and release form before receiving the award.

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