In Burleson County, Texas, on Tuesday, July 19, a man crashed his bike and suffered injuries, and his passenger died on the scene. 

The Single Motorcycle Crash

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 19, around 3 p.m., a 51-year-old man was driving his motorcycle with a 45-year-old female passenger. Both the rider and driver were from Abilene, Texas. They were riding southbound on Highway 36 near FM 60, between Somerville and Lyons.

The motorcycle, a 1989 Honda, had a sudden problem with the back tire. The Honda overturned, and the man and woman were thrown from the bike. 

A Burleson County Justice of the Peace pronounced the woman dead at the scene. The driver of the motorcycle was treated on scene for his injuries. 

The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office shut down the highway and encouraged traffic to avoid this route. The highway was reopened by 4:40 p.m. the same day. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers are continuing their investigation. No other vehicle was involved in the bike accident. 

7 Tips For Sharing the Road With Bikers

Bikers are more vulnerable on the road than trucks and cars since there is less protection surrounding the driver and their passengers. This vulnerability leaves the biker and passengers at higher risk for severe injuries and death. 

All drivers are responsible for their safety and the safety of others on the road, but there are some things vehicle drivers can do to help bikers stay safe. 

  • Watch Your Blind Spots Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, it’s easy for a bike to hide in your blind spot. Before making a lane change, double-check your blind spots.
  • Give Bikers Space Just like any other vehicle, bikes need space. If a biker suddenly falls or slams on the brakes, you could run over the biker if you don’t have room to stop your vehicle. 
  • Don’t Cause or Encourage Road Rage Even if a biker cuts you off or isn’t traveling fast enough, don’t get involved in road rage. It’s not safe driving. 
  • Learn Hand Signals A biker is responsible for using hand signals if the bike’s working. Be ready for this by learning the signals. 
  • Be Careful When Passing It’s okay to pass a motorcycle on the highway; however, avoid speeding too quickly by them. You could create wind that causes the biker to be blown off the road.
  • Avoid Being Distracted Distractions while driving include changing the radio station, adjusting the temperature, or talking on the phone. You may swipe the motorcycle next to you if you’re distracted and swerve just a little out of your lane. 

Like car and truck drivers, bikers must focus on their driving to stay safe. As we drive to work, appointments, or errands, we need to take extra precautions around bikers to avoid causing an accident. 

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