A wrong-way crash occurred on the I-45 North Freeway in Houston just before 2 a.m. on Friday, November 12th. The crash sent at least one person to the hospital, with no word on the conditions of others involved in the crash.

The Wrong-Way Crash

According to Houston police, officers noticed that a car was driving the wrong way going north on I-45 in the southbound lanes. Officers attempted to get in front of the car to stop the driver, but the driver crashed head-on into another car.

The crash occurred just before 2 a.m. Friday morning just north of the 610 North Loop at the Crosstimbers exit. Footage from the Houston Transtar cameras showed the results of the crash in which one of the vehicles was left mangled on the freeway.

According to police, at least one person involved in the crash was sent to the hospital. It is unclear at the moment whether it was the wrong-way driver or the other driver involved.

The crash caused the North Freeway to close down Friday morning.

Wrong-Way Crashes in Texas

Wrong-way crashes would seem to be a rare occurrence in any state. Streets and freeways are often filled with signs that point you in the right direction. If there’s a chance of you entering or turning the wrong way, you’re likely to see a big red sign with the words “Wrong Way” plastered across it. Surprisingly enough, wrong-way crashes happen more than you think in Texas.

Each year, an average of 237 wrong-way crashes occur in Texas. While this is a small number compared to the amount of vehicle crashes each year, more than half of wrong-way crashes result in fatalities. Even if the victims of the crash survive, they usually face severe injuries.

Although there are various signs on the freeways, drivers miss them due to intoxication, exhaustion, inattention, or confusion. Most wrong-way crashes are the result of drug and alcohol use.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has taken it upon itself to reduce wrong-way crashes. Sensors have been installed on some Dallas-Fort Worth highways that trigger flashing “wrong way” signs and some contain bright LED lights that warn drivers before entering an exit ramp.

When driving on a busy highway or freeway, make sure you pay attention to all traffic signs and exit ramps. If you feel like exhaustion, inattention, alcohol, or drugs may interfere with your driving, call a friend or ride-share service to drive you. Your decisions on the road affect not only yourself, but others around you.

If you’ve fallen victim to a Texas wrong-way crash, then you deserve compensation. A dedicated Houston car accident attorney can help you file your legal claim and seek the financial relief you deserve.

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Source: KHOU


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