It seems all drivers cringe a bit when driving near semi-trucks and with good reason. Truck accidents can be incredibly serious due to the sheer size of the vehicles involved, as well as a number of factors.

If you or a loved one were involved in a commercial truck accident, seek out the guidance of the Houston truck accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns to help you seek compensation for the damages you have suffered. We want to make you and your family whole once again. 

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of most semi-trucks, accidents involving these enormous vehicles often result in serious injuries. A list of common injuries associated with these sorts of accidents include:

  1. Head and Brain Injuries — Head and brain injuries can occur even when there was no direct trauma to the head. Whiplash and rapid deceleration can cause the brain to collide with the inside of the skull. These types of injuries can lead to permanent damage and life-long effects.
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries — Spinal cord injuries can be especially devastating as they easily lead to paralysis. Injuries of this type may not be immediately apparent, so it’s important to seek medical attention after a crash even if you feel alright.
  3. Neck and Back Injuries — This can cover everything from minor neck pain to more serious issues like dislocated spinal discs.
  4. Torso and Rib Injuries — The ribcage protects vital organs, so damage to this area can lead to internal injuries. Broken ribs can sometimes puncture the lungs as well.
  5. Internal Injuries — Internal injuries are particularly difficult to treat and can be caused by blunt trauma. Damage to the bladder, liver, pancreas, or spleen can all lead to internal bleeding.
  6. Amputated Limbs or Extremities — Legs, arms, feet, and hands may all be injured in a crash. They may be severed during the crash or have to be amputated due to extensive damage.
  7. Broken Bones — Considering the size and speed of the vehicles involved, it’s no surprise that truck collisions frequently result in broken or even shattered bones.
  8. Burns — Commercial trucks often carry fuel, chemicals, and other combustible materials. These types of truck accidents are more likely to involve fires that can lead to burn injuries. 
  9. Cuts and Lacerations — In the aftermath of a collision, shattered glass, raw-edged metal, and unrestrained objects may cause significant lacerations. These types of injuries may seem less serious than something like head trauma, but they can lead to further illness and even death.
  10. Seatbelt and Airbag Injuries — While seatbelts and airbags do an excellent job of saving lives, they may cause injuries in the process. Airbags can cause head trauma and seatbelts can contribute to chest, neck, or back injuries.
  11. Wrongful Death — Due to the difference in size between trucks and passenger vehicles, the vast majority of fatalities in these types of incidents are frequently the individuals driving the passenger vehicles. 

Truck Accident Lawyers of Houston

If you were injured in a truck accident, you need a lawyer with experience in truck accidents specifically. Often these cases can become very complex due to the number of parties involved. The Houston truck accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns have the experience and skill you need to secure justice and compensation.


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