A family of three is dead after their vehicle collided head-on with an 18-wheeler. The crash occurred on Tuesday, August 9, in Waco, Texas.

The Head-On Collision

On Tuesday, August 9, at around 2:10 p.m., Texas DPS Troopers responded to a crash involving a passenger vehicle and truck tractor semi-trailer. 

According to police, the 32-year-old driver of a 2021 Freightliner was traveling southbound on US 77. At the same time, the 24-year-old driver of a 2005 Toyota Corolla was heading northbound on US 77. 

DPS troopers stated that the driver of the Toyota crossed onto the right shoulder, causing the right side of the vehicle off the edge of the roadway. The driver then overcorrected to the left, swerved across the northbound lane, and crossed in front of the Freightliner that was heading southbound. The vehicles collided head-on, causing them both to leave the west side of the roadway. The Toyota caught fire and was fully engulfed in flames.

There were three people inside the Toyota at the time of the crash. The 24-year-old driver, along with a 24-year-old passenger and a 3-year-old passenger. All three were pronounced dead at the scene by a justice of the peace. The condition of the Freightliner driver was not reported. 

This crash is currently under investigation.

How to Avoid Head-On Collisions

Although head-on collisions aren’t as common as other auto accidents, they can be the most fatal, because the impact of the crash is doubled by both vehicles. Unfortunately, most head-on collisions are avoidable if drivers practice safe driving habits. 

Some of the best ways to avoid a head-on collision include:

  • Obey the speed limit Driving above the speed limit can make it difficult to control your vehicle during traffic changes.
  • Put away any distractions Electronics, food, drinks, and any other distractions should be put away while driving to allow your entire focus to be on the road.
  • Don’t drive while intoxicated Never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as they can significantly inhibit your driving abilities.
  • Make sure it is safe to pass Always check the surrounding lanes before passing another vehicle to make sure the way is clear and safe.
  • Swerve to the right to avoid an accident If a vehicle is coming at you, swerve to the right to prevent an auto accident. Swerving to the left will send you into more traffic and can increase your chances of an accident.

While some accidents are bound to happen, many can be prevented if drivers take responsibility for their driving habits. A head-on collision can leave each victim with long-term injuries or even death. The next time you get behind the wheel, put away all distractions and give your entire focus to the road. Doing so could end up saving a life.

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Source: KWTX

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