If You’ve Suffered an Injury After a Bus Crash- Take These Steps, Now.

As you go along your daily lives, you never assume that you will end up having to pick yourself up off the asphalt after an accident. No one assumes that will happen during their routine commute, no matter how frequent automobile accidents occur. However, driving in larger cities has gradually become more dangerous as roads are more congested, and your life is often in the hands of another driver. This is even more evident in the case of public transit, where you are dependent on the driving skills of a city bus driver. So, here are a few steps to remember in case you do happen to have an accident involving a bus.

1. Call 911

This one may seem obvious, but often gets overlooked during the aftermath of an accident. Calling 911 is always a good idea to make sure that you, as well as other passengers, get the correct amount of help needed. Unfortunately, if left to the bus driver, they may try to short-change the accident, resulting in not enough resources being sent directly to the accident.  Do not be concerned about flooding 911 with calls for the same accident as all those calls, if placed within the same vicinity, will be directed to the same dispatch center.

2. Collect Evidence of the Crash, and Exchange Information With Other Passengers

We placed this above “Get Medical Attention” as it sometimes takes time for the dispatch to reach the scene. Within this time frame, you need to understand that the driver, bus company (if there is one), and insurance companies will attempt to lessen the effects of the accident. This is more an attempt to protect themselves from lawsuits and claims, as they are still thinking business first. Having your own unaltered perspective and information of the accident will allow your claim to have more substance when talking with an accident lawyer or attorney. Getting other passengers to join you in photographing the scene of the accident will add weight to your side of the story. Taking action while the accident is still fresh in your memory, and others memories, gives more legitimacy to the testimony offered.

3. Get Checked Thoroughly And/or Seek Medical Attention

Making sure you get thoroughly checked will prevent future problems occurring. In the case of external and physical wounds that are visible, it is necessary to get the treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. But, even if you do not visibly have any wounds, it is still best to get checked at a hospital or emergency room. This is due to the fact that you will have an understandably large amount of adrenaline coursing through your veins, which will dull any sense of pain and mask any internal injuries that may have occurred. Visiting a doctor or clinic can help determine the true extent of your injuries or internal damages.

4. Do Not Talk to the Driver of the Vehicle

This goes hand in hand with collecting evidence of the crash and exchanging information with passengers. As previously mentioned, insurance companies and any company associated with the vehicle and driver will want to find ways to minimize their damage coverages. This includes anything that can be discussed or said to them, including an “I’m fine” statement. Although this seems like overkill, that is the length that companies will go to not have to pay anything out.

5. Talk to a Reputable Injury Lawyer Before Accepting Any Calls From Insurance Agents

Getting an injury lawyer that is well-rehearsed with vehicular injuries will be able to prevent any work-arounds that insurance companies may try to pull. Dedicated lawyers like the ones at Lapeze & Johns will fight for you every step of the way, even against big insurance and bus companies trying to get out of a lawsuit. This ensures that they do not attempt to swindle you and use statements against you to prevent a fair compensation in the following claims.

Never settle for less than the compensation you deserve, and make sure you have a lawyer who is with you throughout the whole process to ensure you and your family’s well-being.

About Keith Lapeze

Keith Lapeze co-founded Lapeze & Johns with the focus of delivering dependable legal services to individuals hurt in accidents caused by negligence. After graduating third in his class from Louisiana State University Law Center, Mr. Lapeze continued his calling through commercial, environmental, and tort litigation where he is admitted to practice in both Texas and Louisiana, the United States Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Read more about Keith Lapeze here.

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