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11 of the Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

It seems all drivers cringe a bit when driving near semi-trucks and with good reason. Truck accidents can be incredibly serious due to the sheer size of the vehicles involved, as well as a number of factors. If you or a loved one were involved in a commercial truck...

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Texas Is an At Fault State

Laws governing car accidents and how insurances payout vary from state to state. This includes the type of coverage an individual must have in order to meet state law standards. Each state has precedence over what type of system is set in place. The two types which...

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Underride Guards & Why Trucks Need Them

Passing 18-wheelers on the highway makes some of us hold our breath with anxiety, and not without good reason. Truck accidents can be devastating: the trucks are large and can be hard to control, and the added mass means other cars hardly stand a chance in a...

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Hit-and-Run Investigation Process

The recovery process following a car accident can be difficult. But when the at-fault party leaves the scene before you’re able to understand the situation, it can make things that much more of a challenge. Perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents are breaking the law...

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