A Dodge Challenger Hellcat was spotted traveling at speeds of at least 100 mph on Sunday, May 30th, before it collided with several vehicles. One vehicle caught fire, killing two occupants, while at least four individuals were injured.

The High-Speed Collision

Houston authorities reported that an accident occurred in the early hours of Sunday on I-10 East Freeway at Normandy. The incident began when an officer spotted a Dodge Challenger Hellcat traveling eastbound on the freeway at speeds of at least 100 mph.

The officer attempted a pursuit, but by the time they caught up with the Hellcat, it had already collided with at least two vehicles. One of the vehicles involved caught fire with three occupants inside, two of whom died on the scene, according to police.

At least four individuals were hospitalized following the fiery crash. One of those injured passengers had suffered serious burns, according to authorities.

“We believe, that potentially, that alcohol is not a factor, but speed is going to be something that we’re looking at,” HPD Assistant Chief Heather Morris told reporters.

At least one person who arrived on the scene following the crash claimed to be related to the deceased victims, but their names have not yet been released.

Police took the Hellcat driver in for questioning on Sunday morning. No charges have been filed at this time.

Following the accident, the eastbound lanes of the freeway were closed throughout the morning while the scene was processed.

How Deadly Is Speeding?

When it comes to analyzing car accident data, it can be easy to overlook the dangers faced by drivers by focusing on the fact that car accident fatalities are actually relatively uncommon. To illustrate, in 2019, 167,604 car accidents were caused by drivers’ failure to control or maintain a safe speed. However, of those accidents, less than one percent resulted in a fatality. While this is certainly a good thing, it can tempt us to overlook the risks that come with speeding.

By focusing on fatality rates, you might miss the fact that speeding causes more car accidents than any other factor, by far. With this in mind, while speeding might not always be deadly, it does make it far more likely that you will be involved in a potentially deadly crash. Based on accident rates, it’s actually more dangerous to speed than it is to simply not pay attention to the road.

Granted, no one seems to be arguing that speeding is safe and good, but drivers still speed regularly. Addressing this problem is likely to require a combination of stronger enforcement and education regarding the risks of speeding.

To do your part, download and share our guide to cutting speeding out of your life. Not speeding can be challenging, but shaving a few minutes off your commute is never worth putting yourself and others at risk.


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Source: ABC13


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