Accidents involving eighteen-wheelers are often serious due to their massive size compared to traditional passenger cars. One of the most frequent causes of eighteen-wheeler accidents is extremely preventable and solely a matter of poor maintenance – brake malfunctions.

There are multiple parties that can be held responsible for an accident involving a brake malfunction. A failure to meet federal and state regulations can make these huge trucks a danger to other drivers on the road.

As per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2016, there were a total of 4,400 large trucks involved in fatal accidents.

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There are four major parties that can be held liable for the lack of maintenance on brakes:

1. The Driver:

In most situations, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that their truck has received its safety inspection and to check that the brakes are functioning properly. However, there are drivers that fail to maintain their trucks, choose to operate the trailer brakes, or use downshifting instead of using their front brakes. Any of these negligent driving behaviors can lead to a serious semi-truck accident.

2. Loading Companies:

For the purpose of maximizing time and loads, many trucking companies will rush through the loading process, neglecting proper safety protocols. When coupled with overloading, this can easily result in a brake malfunction.

3. Brake Maintenance Team:

Those responsible for inspecting, keeping logs, and dealing with federal recalls of truck brakes can be at fault if they fail to assess these areas properly. Whether it be the owner-operator or even a truck leasing company, parties responsible for brake maintenance must follow strict standards in order to avoid serious accidents.

4. The Brake Manufacturer:

In addition to maintenance standards, there are regulations and procedures to check the function of brakes in the manufacturing process. Flaws in design and during the actual manufacturing process can make a malfunctioning brake a product liability issue.

Numbers provided by the American Trucking Association reveal that the combined trucking industry generated over $700.4 Billion in 2014. In this fact, it is evident that there is no reason a company should fall short on maintaining their vehicles’ brakes. Complying to federal and state safety measures can make all the difference in the number of lives lost and the damages that result from faulty brake incidents.

Trucking companies and truck drivers should be held accountable for their negligence. Our team of dedicated truck accident attorneys is knowledgeable in federal truck regulations and safety standards. If you or a loved one has been affected by an eighteen-wheeler accident, consult the trustworthy truck accident attorneys at Lapeze and Johns of Houston to make a claim for your damages today.

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