Accidents can happen anywhere, including the workplace. Industrial businesses that process hazardous raw materials are particularly prone to causing accidents, especially when negligence comes into play. Not only can harmful chemicals, including gasoline, pesticides, and other toxic gases, harm workers, but they can also have significant environmental impacts. 

It’s not rare for industrial accident injuries to cause harm to both workers and the environment around them. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of an attorney who is well-versed in the impacts of the chemical industry. With the necessary experience, an industrial accident attorney can help prove your case and get you the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Impacts On Public Health

Of course, we humans are part of the environment, and, following an industrial accident like a chemical explosion, there can be dramatic impacts on both the workers and the surrounding community. 

Without the proper equipment, such as gas masks, to both neutralize the danger and keep residents safe, harmful chemicals can enter peoples’ bodies. This can cause a wide list of issues, including respiratory failure due to air quality contamination. 

Impact On the Environment

While there are some steps that businesses and communities can take to mitigate their risk factor following an oil spill or fire, the same can’t be said for the surrounding environment. The damage to nearby ecosystems usually begins right after the industrial accident takes place. Some examples may include the following:

⦿ Air Contamination

Fallout, dust, or gaseous clouds may disperse pollutants that can harm local flora and fauna, spreading out into neighboring areas. These gases can cause necrosis or chlorosis, leading to cell death and preventing plants from undergoing photosynthesis properly. Another serious contaminant that may be seen after an industrial accident is acid-rain. 

⦿ Soil Contamination

From industrial accidents to illegal waste dumping, harmful pollutants can be deposited in the soil by a range of sources. This may lead to complete degradation of the soil chemical makeup which is harmful to the flora and fauna of the area.

⦿ Water Contamination

Water contamination can also come from several sources. One of the most well-known cases of water contamination was caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest marine oil spill in history. After an oil platform exploded, large amounts of oil spilled out into the ocean. This ravaged the aquatic water life in the area, which in turn greatly impacted the local community and food chain. 

While the BP spill may be an extreme example, business negligence frequently contributes to water contamination across the country. Not only can this contamination impact the local environment but also the workers and the community. Accidents ranging from air pollutants to soil contamination, or even a more large-scale event such as a chemical explosion, can contaminate local water. 

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Unfortunately, businesses often try to deny or downplay the harm caused by an industrial incident. That’s why having a Houston industrial accident attorney is crucial. Not only can they help any affected party receive the compensation and justice they deserve, but they can help deter businesses from taking similar actions in the future. 

If you’ve been injured in your workplace or exposed to toxic chemicals in your community following an accident, then reach out to a Houston personal injury attorney at Lapeze & Johns to learn how we can help. 

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