Any automobile accident has the potential to be catastrophic. In the case of trucking accidents, however, the effects are often more severe due to the size of the vehicles involved. That’s why doing everything you can to get the compensation and justice that you need following a Texas truck accident is so important. 

Unfortunately, trucking companies often try to pay less than what their victims deserve, or they may refuse to make an offer at all. 

There are a few common tactics that trucking companies may use to try to avoid liability. Read on to learn from an experienced Houston truck accident attorney what those tactics are, and how to avoid them.

1. Claiming There Isn’t Sufficient Evidence

One of the first tactics a trucking company may use is claiming there isn’t sufficient evidence of your claim. Since you’re the claimant, the responsibility is on you to obtain the necessary evidence to prove your case. However, even when you get the evidence that you need, the trucking company may argue that the evidence isn’t actually proveable or that it won’t be accepted in court. In these cases, you should consider seeking assistance from a truck accident attorney.

2. Blaming Another Party

The trucking company may attempt to blame another party to avoid having to pay themselves. They may try to cast blame on you. For instance, they may argue that you or even your passenger were distracted at the time of the crash in an effort to win or avoid a trial.

The methods they use to blame you for your injuries may go even further. The company may try to argue either that you’re seeking compensation for a pre-existing injury not caused by the accident or that you’re exaggerating your injuries.

If the trucking company can’t find a way to blame you, then they may blame a third party. For example, they may question if the accident happened due to a faulty mechanism within the truck itself, something that was outside of the company and driver’s control. They may also attempt to blame another driver if at all possible.

3. Using Stalling Tactics

Following a truck accident, you’re probably going to be facing a lot of new stress in your life, whether it be from mounting medical and repair bills or the physical pain of the injuries you sustained during the crash. Trucking companies are well-aware of this.

While we might hope that if a trucking company fails to get in touch with us that the failure was some sort of honest mistake, the fact is that many companies use intentional stalling and delaying tactics to try to get victims to give up or accept a lower offer. 

Stalling also pushes your case closer and closer to the statute of limitations, potentially making it impossible for you to get any compensation at all. In Texas, the statute of limitations for car accidents and personal injury claims in general is two years. 

Two years might sound like plenty of time, but the closer the trucking company can get you to that date, the lower the offer you’re likely to accept, at least in their reasoning. When you’re already dealing with a lot of stress, it may become tempting to settle instead of attempting to fight further. 

4. Refusing to Negotiate 

In most instances of trucking companies using stalling tactics, they will primarily just refuse to communicate. In other cases, the company may be willing to answer your calls, but may outright tell you that they refuse to negotiate and won’t be giving you a better offer.

Oftentimes this can be a bluff, especially when you have an attorney on your side. The truth is that the trucking company will do what it can to avoid going to court, considering court can be both expensive and time-consuming. That’s why showing that you’re willing and happy to take the company to court could encourage them to make a better offer.

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Following a truck accident caused by a trucking company’s actions or negligence, you’re likely to face a mountain of bills and expenses. The trucking company responsible for your accident is likely to do everything in their power to avoid paying, or to avoid paying full price.

At Lapeze & Johns, we have a team of experienced personal injury attorneys that can help you gain the compensation you need for truck crash injuries. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you get financial relief!

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