Let’s face it— Texas is a big state. With its virtually endless stretches of rural roads and highways, unfortunately, Texas is also known for having a high number of trucking accidents. 

As our demand for home-delivered goods grows year-by-year, the need for more trucks on the road also grows, and that’s likely to contribute to Texas’ increasing number of trucking accidents.

Still, not all Texas roads are created equal when it comes to the likelihood of trucking accidents. Read on to learn more from your law firm in Houston about how common truck accidents are in Texas and where they happen the most often.

How Often Do Serious Truck Accidents Happen in Texas?

While trucks are an indespensible part of the infrastructure that gets us our essentials, these massive vehicles can also do a lot of damage in the event of a crash. Still, most truck accidents aren’t deadly. Check out the list below to learn more about the frequency of deadly and non-deadly truck crashes:

  • There were a total of 53,149 truck accidents in Texas in 2021. This means there was an average of just over six truck accidents per hour, every hour of every day in 2021.
  • Out of all truck accidents in 2021, 704 resulted in at least one death. There was an average of just under two deadly truck accidents per day.
  • Thanksfully, the vast majority of truck accidents aren’t deadly. In fact, fatal crashes represent just over 1% of all truck accidents.

Where Are Accidents More Common: Rural Vs. Urban

There’s an important fact to remember when it comes to the comparison of rural and urban truck accidents: rural accidents tend to be far more dangerous than urban crashes. While rural areas usually see half as many total accidents as cities, they usually report a similar number of deaths. This means that rural crashes are twice as likely to be deadly compared to urban crashes.

Below you can learn more about where truck accidents happen most, and where accidents may be the most deadly. Keep in mind that, in this case, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) reported the number of vehicles involved in crashes, rather than the number of crashes or victims.

  • In 2021, there were just over 18,500 trucks involved in accidents in rural areas in Texas. Meanwhile, there were just over 34,500 trucks in accidents in Texas cities.
  • Out of all trucks involved in accidents, 425 were involved in rural crashes resulting in at least one fatality, and 279 were involved in fatal truck accidents in cities.
  • As you can see, rural truck accidents are far more deadly than urban truck crashes. While 0.8% of trucks involved in urban crashes experienced deadly crashes, just over 2% of all trucks in rural crashes were involved in a deadly crash.

There is one potential issue with using the data described above to draw conclusions about how dangerous rural accidents may be compared to urban crashes: because the TXDoT provides the number of vehicles involved rather than the number of crashes, it’s possible that the figures are skewed based on where multi-truck accidents are more likely to occur.

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