On Sunday, June 21st, a major head-on collision occurred within an area that was under construction on SH 242 in Montgomery County.

Details About The Incident

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the crash occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. between Old Houston and FM 1314. A white Ford Escape was traveling in the eastbound lanes of a nearby construction zone, and where the lanes shift, the Ford crashed head-on into a BMW X-5.

Both individuals inside the BMW were taken to the nearest hospital where they were reported to be in stable condition. The male driver of the Ford was transported to a separate hospital and remains in critical condition. A third vehicle was reportedly involved but did not endure any major consequences or injuries.

The collision forced DPS to shut down SH 242 for 2 hours in order to investigate the scene.

A Brief Overview on Construction Zone Car Accidents

In 2018, a total number of 754 fatalities and 45,400 injuries occurred due to work zone car accidents across the United States.

Out of those fatalities:

  • 482 occurred within construction zones.
  • 131 occurred within unspecified types of work zones.
  • 54 occurred within maintenance zones.
  • 1 occurred in a utility zone.

The State of Texas alone accounted for 157 of those fatalities with a reported total of 141 fatal crashes that same year as well.

Determining Liability 

Determining what party was at fault in a car accident that happened in a construction work zone can be a complicated process. With an experienced car accident lawyer, however, we are able to determine if:

  • The construction company failed to provide adequate warning signs to drivers and/or improperly placed those signs.
  • The design and maintenance of the construction route are considered a hazard to drivers that forces other drivers to make sudden and/or awkward maneuvers.
  • Detour instructions are not fully visible to the driver.
  • The placements of the barricades, traffic signs, or other safety devices are too close to cars passing by within those moving lanes.
  • The operation blocks the passage of moving vehicles.

A driver can be held negligent in construction zone accident if:

  • A vehicle crashes into a safety device such as a barricade or warning sign, ultimately causing a chain-reaction with other vehicles.
  • A driver was driving distracted or impaired and ignored the adequate warning signs, causing a car accident.
  • A driver rear-ends another driver who was adequately following work zone instructions.

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Source: Montgomery County Police Reporter 

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