Minor injuries were reported in a four-vehicle wreck involving a school bus. The crash occurred on Tuesday, August 23, in Smith County, Texas.

The 4-Vehicle Wreck

On Tuesday, August 23, at around 7 a.m., the Texas Department of Public Safety, Chapel Hill Fire Department, and other emergency services responded to a four-vehicle wreck involving a Chapel Hill Independent School District bus on the 11000 block of State Highway 64.

According to police, the school bus was stopped when a vehicle heading westbound rear-ended the bus. Chapel Hill ISD stated that the school bus had its indicator “stop” sign and flashers on at the time of the crash. 

Students had already entered the bus and were safely seated when the crash occurred. One adult and 18 children were on board the bus at the time of the crash. The children were transferred to another bus and taken to their schools. No injuries were reported inside the bus.

Police stated that two other vehicles were involved in this wreck. The passengers inside those vehicles reported minor injuries.

Tips for Driving Safely Around School Buses

According to Schoolbus Fleet, about 23 million elementary and secondary school children rode buses to and from school in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Every year, millions of parents entrust the safety of their children to school bus drivers and other drivers on the road. While we may see a school bus as just another vehicle in traffic, to others, it is carrying precious cargo. There are some school bus safety tips you should follow to keep children on the school bus safe:

  • Always keep a safe distance when driving behind a school bus and anticipate frequent stops.
  • Stop for the bus indicator “stop” signs and flashers no matter which direction you’re going. Only continue driving once the bus has moved, the flashers have stopped, or the bus driver has motioned to pass.
  • Never attempt to pass a bus once it’s stopped to load or unload children.
  • Stay at least 10 feet back from a bus at all times to give children space to enter and exit the vehicle.
  • Watch for children, who often disregard their surroundings and make last-minute movements.

While many of these tips are given to you when you start driving, it can be easy to run on auto-pilot after years on the road. However, many young lives are in danger when they enter a school bus. As a driver, you are responsible for safely sharing the road with school buses and respecting the school bus drivers during stops.

The next time you’re driving near a school bus, take extra caution with your following distance and watch for kids around every corner. 

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Source: KLTV, Tyler Morning Telegraph

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