More than a dozen DWI arrests were made in Brazos County over the weekend, some related to accidents with other vehicles. Three of those accidents occurred on the same road within hours of each other, with a fourth involving a vehicle driving into one of the prior crash scenes.

The Crashes and Arrests

The wave of DWI charges began on the afternoon of Thursday, April 29, when a driver in a van ran a stop sign at the intersection of N. Coulter and E. William Joel Parkway in Bryan before striking another vehicle and being subsequently arrested by police.

According to their report, the police found empty beer cans in the van.

Then, a 57-year-old was arrested in College Station when he was stopped by police near Texas Avenue and Harvey Road. The man reportedly told police he had just come from Applebee’s, but it was later determined that he had actually been visiting a bar on Harvey Road.

Things really got going early on Friday, April 30, when six more drivers were arrested. The initial two arrests didn’t involve other vehicles, but the third was made after police in College Station had received reports of a drunk driver hitting a parked car on Ashford Road at roughly 4:00 a.m.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth arrests on Friday morning involved drivers either acting erratically or committing traffic violations. Later on Friday night, an off-duty police officer was seen driving erratically over 90 mph on Highway 6 before he was taken in for his third DWI arrest.

It was early on the morning of Saturday, May 1st, that four individuals were arrested on DWI charges within miles and hours of each other.

First, at around midnight, a man was arrested after he reportedly rear-ended a vehicle on Wellborn Road at the Joe Routt Boulevard Intersection. Next, a driver was involved in a hit-and-run on Wellborn but was pursued by the victim to a nearby convenience store where he was arrested on a DWI charge. He was reportedly visiting the convenience store to purchase more alcohol.

Next, at around 2:30 a.m., a driver was arrested after he hit another vehicle on Wellborn Road near Clay Street. As he was being booked, officers found cocaine in his possession, adding a drug-related charge to his DWI.

The last incident on Saturday morning actually took place while officers were still investigating the accident at Wellborn and Clay. A 32-year-old man drove his vehicle into the crash scene, claiming he’d gotten lost while looking for his girlfriend. This was his third DWI arrest, though his first in Brazos County.

Finally, on Saturday night, a man was arrested after being caught speeding at nearly 100 mph on Highway 21 westbound. Following a pursuit, the driver stopped and admitted to police that he’d drank a six-pack of beer before driving. He was charged both for the DWI and fleeing police.

Along with these incidents, several other arrests were made over the weekend for public intoxication, as well.

How Common Are DWI Arrests in Texas?

The aforementioned story might make it seem like Texas police are arresting drunk and intoxicated drivers left and right, but the truth of the matter is that these arrests don’t come close to addressing the problem of drunk driving in Texas. Confoundingly, while drunk driving fatalities have risen in the state, the number of drunk-driving-related arrests has actually dropped by 33% over the last decade.

Despite the fact that the portion of Texas car accidents that involve alcohol is 11% higher than the national average, Texas was 36th in the country for DWI arrests when last reported.

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Source: KBTX


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