On Saturday, June 18, a man riding a motorcycle hit the back end of a Toyota, slammed into a concrete wall, and subsequently died at the scene. 

The Motorcycle Accident

On Saturday in Harris County, a man was riding a 2014 black Kawasaki Ninja in the southbound lane on Eastex Freeway, and a white 2001 Toyota was driving in the lane next to the motorcyclist. According to allegations, the motorcyclist was riding at high speeds when it hit the left back end of the Toyota. 

The collision with the Toyota caused the motorcyclist to fly forward and slam into a concrete barrier. The Toyota hit a concrete barrier as well, and the impact caused the vehicle to spin counterclockwise before stopping on the shoulder.

When investigators arrived, they discovered the motorcyclist dead on the scene. The Toyota driver and minor-aged passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The incident is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. 

Why Is Speeding So Dangerous?

You might think to yourself, ‘what’s the harm in speeding just a little?’, but, unfortunately, that harm can be significant. Speeding requires more from the driver, like quicker reaction times and longer braking distances. Driving at high speeds increases the chances of losing control of your vehicle. 

Beyond the danger of incorrect or delayed driving decisions, there are also many things outside of a driver’s control that can increase the risk of an accident when they speed.

  • Road Imperfections – When a speeding vehicle hits a bump or a dip in the road, it may cause the vehicle to flip. 
  • Bad Weather – Rain or snow can affect road conditions, and speeding may increase your likelihood of hydroplaning or completely losing control. 
  • Vehicle Malfunctions – Speeding can cause more wear and tear to your vehicle. This may damage your vehicle’s brakes or the maneuverability that you need to avoid accidents. 

Along with being a contributing factor in the likelihood that a crash will occurr, speeding also increases the risk that accidents will be more severe. In 2021, the TxDOT’s reports showed that 2,642 accidents occurred statewide due to speeding over-the-limit. Of these accidents, 12.7% caused a fatality, 13.1% resulted in serious injury, and 17.2% led minor injuries.

It’s not worth getting to your destination ten minutes earlier for you to put yourself and others in danger. Stay safe on the road by staying calm and doing everything you can to cut speeding out of your life. Check your speed and look for speed limit signs often, and avoid needing to travel in a rush. It might also be helpful to use your cruise control to stop yourself from speeding.

Speed limit signs are placed for a reason. The slant of the road, ideal weather, and type of vehicles used to drive on the road are each been taken into consideration when the speed limit is decided. Staying at or below the speed limit will help you not only avoid a speeding ticket but also may save you or those you love from serious injuries or death. 

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Source: ABC13

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