A two-car accident in Midland, TX, led to the death of one man. The crash occurred on Saturday, March 5, around 2:50 a.m. on Loop 250 and A Street overpass.

The Two-Car Accident

On March 5, a Midland Police Department Patrol Unit was traveling eastbound in the inside lane of Loop 250. At the same time, a Nissan Altima was also traveling eastbound right behind the MPD’s Tahoe. A preliminary investigation showed that the Nissan Altima struck the Tahoe from behind. 

The Midland Police Department and Midland Fire Department were dispatched at 2:50 a.m. to the overpass of Loop 250 and A Street.

When officers arrived on the scene, they pronounced the 28-year-old driver of the Nissan Altima dead from their injuries. The Midland Police Officer driving the Tahoe was taken to a nearby hospital along with his 25-year-old passenger. 

The Texas Highway Patrol’s West Texas Region District Crash team is conducting an investigation into the crash.

Common Rear-End Crash Injuries

A rear-end collision, whether minor or severe, can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Although the injuries sustained in a crash will vary depending on the circumstances, some common injuries that victims may face include:

  • Whiplash and neck injuries — These injuries affect the neck, shoulders, and upper back. They are often caused by the head and neck being suddenly snapped back and forth due to a sudden movement.
  • Back and spinal injuries — Common back or spinal injuries that may be suffered include bulging and herniated discs, injuries to the facet joints, and bruising of the lower back muscles and ligaments. Back and spinal injuries can be caused by the force and pressure of a rear-end collision.
  • Arm and wrist injuries — Arm and wrist injuries include broken wrists, wrist sprains, stress fractures, dislocated joints, and tendon damage. These injuries can be caused by having your hands on the steering wheel at the time of impact.
  • Broken bones and fractured ribs — Broken bones and fractured ribs are often caused by the impact of the airbag deploying or loose objects flying around the vehicle.
  • Facial injuries — Facial injuries that may occur include facial lacerations, bruising, scrapes, a broken nose, or damage to the teeth and jawbone. These injuries can occur from shattered glass, flying objects, or the face hitting a part of the vehicle during a crash.
  • Skull and brain injuries — Common skull and brain injuries include bruising or bleeding of the brain, a concussion, or a traumatic brain injury.

The injuries and damages that a victim may face after a rear-end collision can greatly alter their lives. Some may have a quick recovery time while others may deal with long-term injuries. 

Rear-end collisions can often be avoided if drivers choose to put distractions away and stay alert while on the road. Doing so can help you protect yourself and other drivers on the road.

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Source: CBS7, NewsWest9

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