One person is dead following a fiery semi-truck crash in Allen, Texas. The crash occurred on Tuesday, September 20, near the intersection of U.S. 75 and Stacy Road.

The Fiery Crash

On Tuesday, September 20, a semi-truck was traveling northbound on U.S. 75 when it collided with another vehicle.

According to police, the collision caused the semi-truck to veer to the right and drive off the overpass. The semi burst into flames as it fell and hit the roadway below, landing upside down.

The driver of the semi died in the crash. Police are waiting to release the driver’s identity until the family is notified. The other driver involved in the crash wasn’t injured and cooperated with police.

There were several letters and packages spilled onto the road following the crash. A USPS employee was on the scene taking pictures of the packages with USPS labels. Authorities have not confirmed yet if the semi-truck or driver was associated with the agency.

The Allen Police Department is conducting an investigation into the crash. 

Ways to Prevent a Car Fire

While car crash fires happen quite frequently due to the force of a collision, there are other circumstances where car fires can occur. Whether you’re in an accident or simply driving down the road, it’s important to take the proper steps to prevent a car fire from happening:

  • Have your vehicle inspected frequently — Take your car to a trusted mechanic regularly so they can alert you to any potential problems or dangers. If you notice any noises or something different with your car, don’t be afraid to take it in for a check.
  • Keep up with regular oil changes — For most cars, your oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or so. Keeping up with your oil changes can ensure you have the right amount of fluid in your engine and that it isn’t causing a fire hazard.
  • Park your car in a dry, covered area — If possible, avoid parking your vehicle in any wet areas or areas that allow moisture to build up under your vehicle. Moisture can cause your car to rust and affect the flexibility of its joints.
  • Run your car every few days — If you aren’t driving it frequently, it’s important to run your car every few days. Doing so can prevent moisture from building up and causing rust.

You may think a car fire will never happen to you. Car fires are often a result of a major accident or something put into a movie for dramatic effect. However, car fires are a real danger for any driver, and if it’s not contained, you could face severe injuries or even death. Take proper care of your vehicle to ensure you don’t become the next victim of a car fire.

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