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When you are involved in a car accident, it has the potential to turn your world upside down, leaving you with catastrophic injuries that may keep you from enjoying the daily activities of your previous life.

Fortunately, there is a way to seek justice and recovery for all of the damages you have endured, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional.

The Pearland car accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns serve car accident victims in the great city of Pearland and its surrounding areas. We are ready to fight for the financial compensation you deserve!

Shocking Pearland Car Accident Statistics

As per the latest data compiled by the Texas Department of Transportation, it was revealed that in 2019, the city of Pearland experienced a total number of 1,603 vehicle-accidents. Of these accidents:

  • There were 205 accidents in which 249 individuals suffered from non-incapacitated injuries.
  • 231 crashes occurred where 351 individuals suffered possible injuries.
  • 14 serious car accidents occurred in which 17 individuals suffered serious injuries.
  • There were 6 fatal car accidents in which 6 individuals were killed.

Potential Damages Awarded to Car Accident Victims

Our Pearland car accident attorneys will sit down with clients and analyze what major factors led to their car accident and who is legally liable for the incident. Once we have adequately evaluated the situation, our attorneys will get started on a claim in order to seek damages for but not limited to:

  • Pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish.
  • Medical expenses for all treatment and medication needed.
  • Lost wages (past, present, and future).
  • Loss of quality of life.
  • Physical disfigurement and facial misalignment.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Funeral and burial expenses (in wrongful death cases).
Potential Damages Awarded to Car Accident Victims

Dependable Car Accident Attorneys You Can Rely On!

In the event of a major car wreck caused by a negligent party, it is crucial to have the most dependable and trustworthy legal team by your side!

The car accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns serve victims in the city of Pearland and throughout Brazoria County.

Our attorneys will walk our clients through the entire legal process to develop the best strategy to help you secure justice and compensation for the damages you have suffered.


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