An officer’s body camera captured the scene on Wednesday, October 13, as Garland police pulled a crash victim from his burning vehicle just in time. Read on to learn what to do if you encounter a car accident in Texas.

The Fiery Crash and Rescue

Just after 3 a.m. on October 13, a pair of police officers in Garland managed to pull a driver from his crashed vehicle just moments before it was engulfed in flames.

Officers say that the vehicle was speeding on Forest Lane when the driver lost control, hit a curb, and flipped the car in front of the Garland Police Department. The passenger traveling in the car was ejected in the crash. Officers reported finding his unconscious body nearby, while the driver was unconscious in the car.

When the officers arrived on the scene, the crashed vehicle was already burning. Video shows both officers reaching for the driver and pulling him out by his arms, with his seat bursting into flames just moments after he was free.

“There’s only a certain amount of control that can take place, and this was uncontrolled. And so, we approached the guy and my first thought was, ‘I’ve got to try to get him awake.’ He was unconscious. He wouldn’t come to, and luckily my partner was there, and we both grabbed ahold of him and at some point, within mere seconds, we were able to get our hands on both of his arms before the fire approached his feet and started to burn him,” Officer Matthew Fuhs said.

Officer Fuhs was first on the scene, along with his rookie partner who was out on his first day in the field.

The passenger and driver were both in serious condition following the crash. They were taken to a nearby hospital and police say they are expected to survive.

What Should I Do If I Find An Unconscious Crash Victim?

There are few things more frightening to consider than being involved in a major car accident in which you are rendered unconscious. A close second might be considering what you would do if you came across an accident and found a driver or passenger unconscious.

Thankfully, there are specific and simple steps that you can follow when you encounter a crash scene. Knowing what to do can help you stay calm and ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible.

    1. Wait for traffic to stop — crash scenes can be incredibly dangerous because of the risk posed by passing traffic. Wait for traffic to stop before crossing.
    2. Check the scene — look for spilled fuel that could catch on fire; turn off all vehicles if possible; put out warning signs if you have them.
    3. Victims first, police second — if there’s someone who can call for you, ask them to call the police. If not, attend to any injured victims in life-threatening conditions before making the call.
    4. Check quiet victims first — if someone is screaming, you know that they’re breathing. Quiet and unmoving victims should take priority
    5. Make sure victims are responsive — if victims don’t respond, check for breathing next.
    6. Shift breathing victims to safe positions — if a victim is breathing, shift them to lean forward or on their side with their airway clear. Avoid twisting them, and move them as little as possible.
    7. Get instructions for non-breathing victims — at this point, call an ambulance and ask for instructions on resuscitating the victim.
    8. Only remove unconscious victims from fires or floods — attempting to move the victim yourself could risk further injuring both of you.
    9. Monitor trapped victims — if there are victims stuck in their vehicles, monitor them and let authorities know as soon as they arrive.

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