Construction Accidents

Get Compensation For Your Construction Accident Injuries

OSHA reported 4,405 on the job deaths in 2013, 796 of which were construction related. The leading cause of death was slip and fall accidents. Being struck by an object and electrocution were also cited as common causes of construction worker deaths. Becoming stuck in between heavy items or buildings or walls makes the fourth in what is known as the “fatal four” in construction work. OSHA works to increase workplace safety every year, and injury and illness rates in the workplace are down. However, there are still many ways individuals in a hazardous industry like construction may be injured or killed. Our skilled Houston construction accident attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you need to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Responding to Accidents

Employers have an obligation to keep job sites hazard free and implement protocols to deal with existing hazards. In construction, there is still, and will always be, inherent danger. Attorneys play a vital role in helping individuals and employers manage safety and mitigate the harm arising from construction accidents.

Immediately after a construction accident, the injured party should seek medical attention and report the injury to an employer. Then, writing down anything about the scene of the accident and taking the information of witnesses will be important in building a liability case. Pictures of any injury, clothes, and the site would also be helpful. Smartphones today make it easier to document and prove injury. Finding a knowledgable Houston construction accident attorney is the next step.

In cases of injury that leads to death, the family of the victim will be part of any legal proceedings that take place. Wrongful death may be part of a larger case that also includes liability in these situations. Determining negligence, product or equipment malfunction, and workplace safety are three examples of factors that will be examined in an injury or death construction accident case.

Reconciling Construction Site Cases

Consulting an Houston personal injury attorney after a construction accident is the best way to understand the legal implications of the event. Insurance will often want to settle quickly, and having an attorney to assess settlements and provide guidance during the legal process will ensure every step taken is on your behalf. The statute of limitations on construction accident and other workplace accident cases may vary by jurisdiction, accident type, and the nature of injury. It may range from 30 days to 6 years. Determining the statute of limitations should be one of the first considerations taken after finding a construction accident attorney to evaluate the unique situation your case presents.

Lapeze & Johns PLLC in Houston, Texas, is a law firm dedicated to helping individuals and families that have been involved in construction and other industrial workplace accidents. Thorough research and aggressively pursuing litigation against the liable party prepares Lapeze & Johns attorneys to secure a settlement that is worthy of the accident.

The likelihood of recouping financial loss and damages for medical expenses and irreparable harm depends on several legal issues. Liability, safety regulations, and indemnity all play a part in pursuing the outcome of a construction accident case.

Determining liability may be difficult in cases where a construction site is large and many parties are involved in the process. Landowners, engineers, contractors, and suppliers could potentially be liable in a workplace accident. Looking closely at each party’s legal responsibilities is the only way to determine liability, and that requires the assistance of a construction accident attorney in Houston, Texas.

Compliance with OSHA regulation also plays a part in determining a construction accident case. If it can be proved that the accident arose from a piece of equipment or building that was not up to code, negligence is already proven. If OSHA regulations were followed, proving that another party is liable for the accident may be more difficult.

If you have been involved in a construction accident, contact the attorneys at Lapeze & Johns, PLLC today for a free initial consultation.