Motorcycle Accidents

Houston Attorneys For Motorcycle Accidents

Houston Attorneys For Motorcycle Accidents
Due to the “cage-free” aspect of riding a motorcycle, there is little to no protection for motorcyclists, making them extremely vulnerable to catastrophic injuries or even death. Even one-person motorcycle accidents at low speeds can be deadly. Texas, in particular, has a problem with motorcyclist safety, ranking as the second most dangerous state for motorcyclists in 2017. This makes experienced legal representation by a motorcycle accident attorney especially important.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, our dedicated Houston motorcycle accident lawyers can help get you the compensation you need.

Motorists and motorcyclists should be aware of the legal ramifications of motorcycle accidents so that they are able to protect their legal rights and are prepared in case of an accident. Motorcyclists face unique issues when on the road:

  • Having a smaller visual outline – It is harder to see motorcycles on the road because of their size and height. Intersections are especially hazardous with multiple cars and blind spots.
  • Potholes and other obstacles – Most vehicles can navigate safely through potholes, debris, and oil slicks. Motorcycles are much more likely to face difficulty when encountering these obstacles.
  • Balance – At higher speeds, a motorcycle that becomes unstable is dangerous. A problem with the motorcycle’s alignment may be to blame, predicating legal action.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to a variety of claims including personal injury, product liability, or property rights. Negligence is a crucial factor in many cases, either by product manufacturers, mechanics, or others. For example, in the event of an accident caused by misalignment, a manufacturer may be found liable. Other matters that may arise in a motorcycle accident case are failing to wear a helmet or drug and alcohol intoxication.

Responding to a Motorcycle Accident

If you’re involved in or witness a motorcycle accident, safety should be your number one priority. This means moving to a safe place and seeking medical attention if necessary and as soon as possible. Collect as much photographic and written evidence regarding the events leading up to and following the crash as you can. This includes gathering witness names and numbers, and obtaining a police report. This documentation will be essential to any case you may file.

The second priority is finding the right Houston motorcycle accident lawyer with whom to discuss the legal consequences of the accident. Finding a motorcycle accident attorney early can prevent mistakes that may lead to financial consequences. Laws vary from state to state, so having an attorney who can interpret the law and provide information and advice is important. A Houston motorcycle accident attorney can also provide guidance regarding insurance action and whether or not to accept a settlement offered by an insurance company.

Settlement from a motor vehicle accident case can take anywhere from three months to a year to close, depending on the circumstances. Insurance, manufacturers, attorneys, and others involved in the accident case all work to achieve different goals, which may delay a resolution. The duration of a settlement can take longer depending on the number of parties involved and the amount of contested information. The statute of limitations for a motor vehicle accident case varies depending on the type of claim, but the clock begins at the time of the accident. Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston who is willing to work quickly and aggressively can speed the time to settlement.

Lapeze & Johns PLLC offers motor vehicle accident case review and guidance. A consultation is free, and the firm is known for handling cases quickly and aggressively to protect client rights. If you have questions about a case or motorcycle accident law, call a Lapeze & Johns PLLC personal injury attorney at 713-739-1010.

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