Texas has some great cities filled with exciting places and people. However, driving in these cities can be rather challenging. Large cities are filled with pedestrians walking around, coworkers carpooling to work, truck drivers delivering cargo, families headed to softball games, and many other drivers on the road. Accidents are bound to happen with so many drivers on the road.

Read on to find out which cities are the most dangerous and the deadliest, and remember that if you are involved in an accident in Texas city, you can reach out to an auto accident attorney for help.

Which Cities Are the Most Dangerous for Drivers?

City driving is considered dangerous for many reasons. Some cities have more narrow driving lanes, more pedestrians, and generally more drivers. Some large Texas cities are considered dangerous due to the number of auto accidents that have been reported. 

Below, you can find how many crashes Texas’s largest cities saw in 2020, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Auto accidents recorded include any type of vehicle involved in a crash.

  • Houston – Houston reported 58,419 auto accidents in 2020. 
  • San Antonio – San Antonio saw 33,357 accidents.
  • Dallas – Dallas recorded 32,022 accidents.
  • Fort Worth – There were 12,795 total auto accidents in Fort Worth.
  • El Paso – El Paso had 12,489 auto accidents in 2020.
  • Austin – Austin saw 11,778 auto accidents in 2020.  

Which City’s Accidents Were the Deadliest?

The deadliness of Texas accidents can also vary from city to city, regardless of which city actually saw the highest number of accidents. To determine how deadly the accidents were in each city in 2020, you will need to calculate what percentage of accidents in that city lead to a fatality. Below, you can find Texas’s cities ranked by just how deadly their auto accidents were in 2020.

  • Fort Worth – Auto accident fatality rates for 2020 in Fort Worth are listed at 0.8% of total auto crashes. Fort Worth jumps from fourth in total crashes to being the deadliest city.
  • Austin – Austin’s fatality rate falls just below Fort Worth’s at 0.7%. Austin was number six for most dangerous but is considered second most deadly. 
  • Dallas – Dallas falls at number three for Texas auto accident deadliness. Fatality rates for total crashes in Dallas were recorded at 0.6%.
  • Houston – Houston is not the deadliest city, despite having the highest total crash rate. In 2020, 0.45% of Houston accidents lead to at least one fatality.
  • El Paso – El Paso is the fifth most deadly city for auto accidents. Fatality rates for auto accidents were at 0.44%.
  • San Antonio – San Antonio was the least deadly city for Texas drivers with 0.42% of accidents resulting in a fatality.

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