Over the course of three days in Dallas, three vehicles were fired upon by road rage shooters, with one incident involving a pregnant woman being struck in the head. These three incidents follow months of increased road rage shootings across Texas.

The Three Dallas Shootings

Authorities say the baby of a woman who was shot in a Dallas road rage incident on Friday, June 25, near Great Trinity Forest Way and Murdoch Road has been delivered and is in good health. At around 10:30 p.m., the victim was riding in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car when she was shot and left critically injured.

Prior to the shooting, the victim’s boyfriend, who was driving the car, got into some sort of dispute with another driver, possibly regarding being cut-off, according to reports from the police. The suspect fired once before driving away, striking the victim in the head.

The victim, now in critical condition, was transported to a nearby hospital where her baby was delivered the following evening. On the night of Saturday, June 26, the mother was reportedly still in critical condition. As of Wednesday, June 30, no further updates were readily available on the condition of the victim.

According to police, this woman was not the only victim of a road rage shooting over the past weekend in Dallas.

On Sunday, June 27, two men reported having their vehicles fired upon by a road rage shooter along Spur 408 at Kiest Boulevard in West Dallas.

First, police responded to a call from one of the two men who had stopped at a nearby power plant. The car had been struck by around ten rounds, and a passenger in the vehicle was hit in the hand.

As officers were still responding to the first call, they received a report of another vehicle that had been fired upon now parked at a nearby gas station. That car had also been struck, but the number of rounds has not been reported at this time. No one in the vehicle was injured, according to authorities.

No one has been arrested in connection with any of these incidents. If you have any information surrounding these shootings, please contact Dallas authorities.

How Police Are Responding to the Rising Threat

These recent road rage shootings were far from the first wake-up call for Dallas authorities, but the efforts they’ve made to reduce these incidents have not resulted in fewer shootings so far. Part of the reason for the continued threat of these shootings could be the defunding of a program, STARR, that placed undercover officers on Dallas freeways to catch aggressive drivers.

“The idea was to crack down on aggressive drivers, to try and prevent road rage. That was our goal,” DPD First Asst. Chief Al Martinez said of the program.

In May 2021, Dallas authorities reported that they had responded to five separate road rage shootings throughout the city over that month. In response, the department created a crime reduction plan that increased the number of officers on the streets, but funding was still not returned to the STARR program.

According to Martinez, the thin police presence on Dallas freeways is to blame for the lack of progress on the issue of road rage shootings.

“In essence, we see no police around, so we see the violence,” Martinez said. “So, that leads to high speeds, and that leads to high-aggressive driving, and that causes disputes.”

Nevertheless, after the three incidents in quick succession over the past weekend, it brought renewed attention to the need to address the risk of road rage shootings. Chief Eddie Garcia again said the department would increase its presence on the city’s freeways.

“When someone wants to do something and they see an officer in the area or fear an officer might be in the area, maybe they take a second and take a deep breath,” Garcia told reporters.

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