Fatalities are on the rise on Houston roadways, despite law enforcement efforts to reduce the number of accidents. For those driving in the city, it’s worth being aware of which roadways are the most dangerous; however, awareness of a risk doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be subject to it— accidents happen, as they say.

If you’ve been involved in a Houston car accident, it can be overwhelming just trying to meet your medical needs, much less communicating with insurance carriers or seeking compensation through civil action. Rest assured that you don’t have to face the legal system or insurance companies alone; the Houston car accident attorneys of Lapeze & Johns would be proud to fight for you.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Houston

For those driving in Houston, Texas, there are some roadways that are more dangerous than others. However, data regarding car accidents and the hazards faced by drivers on Houston roadways can be determined in a number of different ways. Because of this, reports of the most dangerous roads in Houston vary from source to source. 

In 2018, the Texas Department of Transportation provided the following ranking of the most dangerous roads in Houston and Harris counties. This ranking was determined using non-fatal accident statistics and includes residential roads as well as highways and interstates:

  1. Westheimer Road: 1,228 non-fatal accidents
  2. Bellaire Boulevard: 846
  3. Beechnut Street: 723
  4. West Little York Road:678
  5. Bisonette Street: 671
  6. Main Street: 667
  7. Fry Road: 455
  8. Veterans Memorial Drive: 450
  9. Kuykendhal Road: 447
  10. Louttea Road: 447
  11. Clay Road: 431
  12. Fondren Road: 424
  13. Garth Road: 411
  14. Antoine Drive: 392
  15. North Shepherd Drive: 386
  16. Hillcroft Avenue: 379
  17. West Tidwell Road: 377
  18. Airline Drive:374
  19. South Post Oak Road: 368
  20. Cullen Boulevard: 324

ABC13 reported on the five most dangerous intersections in Houston in 2019. The news site collected this information from a video telematics company called Lytx Inc. and took into account factors like cell phone use while driving:

  1. The JFK and Aldine Bender intersection
  2. I-45 feeder road at Chartres Street
  3. Highway 225 between Shaver and Scarborough Lane
  4. The intersection of East Freeway frontage road and Gellhorn Drive
  5. The 610 Loop and North McCarty intersection

General Houston Car Accident Statistics

Houston has the highest number of car accident fatalities of any city in Texas, with nearly 65,000 reported in 2018 alone. These statistics break down as follows:

  • 189 crashes that resulted in fatalities
  • 297 fatalities
  • 1,175 suspected serious injuries
  • 6,703 non-incapacitating injuries

For those driving in Houston, it’s also worth noting that the most accidents occur on Tuesday mornings and the least occur on Sunday mornings.

Lapeze & Johns: Your Houston Car Accident Attorneys

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