Truck drivers spend hours on the road each day, putting themselves at a greater risk of crashing due to another driver’s negligence or a truck’s mechanical failure. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, across all occupations, tractor-trailer drivers have the highest number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off from work.

Because injuries are a common occurrence for truck drivers, it’s important that they get fair compensation. Continue reading to learn how a Houston trucking injury attorney can help truck drivers get injury relief.

Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws

Texas is the only state that doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If employers opt out of this insurance, they won’t have a way to cover employees’ medical expenses, physical therapy expenses, or lost wages in the event of injury or sickness. While workers’ compensation is not mandatory, employers are required to notify employees whether they provide workers’ compensation before they accept and start a position at that company.

How Truck Drivers Get Coverage

Because Texas is the only state that doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, it can be more difficult for truck drivers to get coverage. If a trucking company does not offer workers’ compensation, they may offer their own injury benefit plans instead. 

While an injury benefit plan sounds appealing to those who won’t receive workers’ compensation, it’s important to know that the employers can determine what they will cover and for how long they will pay for injury expenses. With these independent injury benefit plans, it may be harder for truck drivers to receive the full amount of compensation they are due in the event of a semi accident.

Why Truck Drivers May Not Get Coverage

Even if an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, a truck driver may not be eligible for coverage because of their legal classification. Many truck drivers are classified as independent contractors or owner/operators. Under state law, only those legally classified as employees are eligible for workers’ compensation. 

Because of this state law, it’s important that you speak with your employer about your legal classification before accepting any job. However, if you’re already under employment and classified as an independent contractor, there are still steps you can take to receive coverage for your injury.

How To Fight For Coverage If Your Employer Doesn’t Offer Any

If your employer doesn’t offer any workers’ compensation coverage or injury benefit plans, you still have options for getting coverage for your workplace injury. Start by reaching out to an experienced workplace injury attorney who can walk you through your options for injury relief. 

Negligence can often play a factor in your workplace injury, whether it was your employer, a parts manufacturer, or a distracted driver on the road. If you can prove that negligence played a role or was the sole cause of your injury, then you can hold that party financially responsible. 

Seek Injury Relief for Your Semi Accident With Help From Lapeze & Johns

Trucking is a dangerous job that puts drivers at risk for severe injuries. These injuries could put a truck driver out of work and a paycheck for a significant amount of time, in addition to stacks of medical bills and follow-up appointments. 

By hiring an experienced trucking injury lawyer from Lapeze & Johns, you will have someone who can walk you through your options and help you fight for your injury relief. 


Reach out to your Houston trucking injury attorneys at Lapeze & Johns today to get started on your injury claim.

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