On the evening of Friday, June 10, two individuals riding a motorcycle in Killeen, Texas were hit by a drunk driver who had failed to yield to the right of way.

The Motorcycle Crash

On Friday, June 10, at around 9:30 p.m., two individuals riding a motorcycle were heading eastbound in the 700 block of Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

The collision occurred when a black Mercedes attempted to turn onto Stringer Street, driving in front of the motorcycle. The driver and passenger of the motorcycle were thrown from the bike as it hit the front of the car.

The biker and passenger were found on the ground when Killeen police arrived. The two injured individuals were in critical condition and were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The driver of the black Mercedes was found to be under the influence at the time of the collision. The driver was treated for any injuries on the scene before being arrested on the charge of driving under the influence. 

How Does Drinking Affect Drivers?

Alcohol causes significant impairments for drivers, which increases the chances of motor vehicle accidents. These impairments can greatly reduce a driver’s reaction time, also making it more difficult for them to react to emergency situations like a crash.

  • Hearing and Vision —  Alcohol affects hearing and vision. Things may be blurry, seem farther away, or may not be visible at all. Sounds may also be muffled or not heard. Drunk drivers may not see an oncoming vehicle, stop sign, or pedestrian. Drunk drivers may miss sounds like honking horns or people yelling. 
  • Comprehension — Judgment may also be impacted when drivers are under the influence. For instance, a driver may see a stop sign or another vehicle, but they may not understand exactly what is going on or how to respond. They may see someone on the road but not understand to stop or swerve out of the way. 
  • Coordination — Muscle control can also be affected by alcohol. Drivers under the influence may feel as if they are driving straight or making the right turns, when in reality they may be swerving in and out of their lane, driving very slowly, or driving dangerously fast.

When you’re responsibly driving on the road while sober, it may help you avoid accidents if you watch ut for the common signs of drunk driving. For instance, drivers may drive far too slow or at extreme speeds. You may spot a drunk driver drifting, tailgating, or braking without cause.  It may also be possible to spot a drunk driver by their posture; they may be slumped over or swaying from side to side.

Keep in mind that these indications don’t always mean someone is driving under the influence. Health concerns like seizures or heart attacks can also cause problems while driving. 

To avoid car accidents involving a drunk driver, it is best to move as far away from them as possible, pull over, and call the police with information about the vehicle and your concerns.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, call the office of Lapeze & Johns for help from experienced car accident attorneys.

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Source: KWTX

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