Accidents can happen anywhere, and while we tend to think of highway crashes or busy streets as being hotspots for crashes, accidents can also happen in a parking lot. 

Parking lot crashes can happen whether you’re pulling in to park or pulling out from your parking space. By following some safety tips, you can help keep yourself and your car safe. 

Some Tips for Parking

There are some tips you can use for parking to help ensure you and your car remain safe. The first tip is to make sure to adjust your mirrors so that you have optimal visibility. Doing so can help you look for objects or civilians. 

Additional parking safety tips include: 

  • If you need to park on a narrow roadway or street, pull out of the traffic lane as much as you can and put on your four-way hazard lights to alert other drivers.
  • When in a parking lot, search for spots without nearby obstacles and fewer cars around.
  • Avoid backing out whenever you can as this will reduce the risk of hitting another car.
  • If you do have to back up, make sure to take your time, especially in a crowded parking lot or on a busy street.

What To Do When Your Parked Car Is Hit

Coming back from the store only to discover that your parked car was hit can be frustrating. However, there are some steps you can take following an accident to ease the situation. 

First, you’ll want to determine if the driver left a note. If they did, then the subsequent steps are as follows:

  1. Start by contacting the driver and their insurance company. If the driver didn’t provide their insurance information, then you can ask the driver for their information upon calling them. 
  2. Contact the police afterward. Even if it’s just a minor fender-bender and the driver seems to have every intention of taking the blame, you will still want to contact the police as it may be necessary for your insurance claim. 
  3. Gather any evidence available, including images of your vehicle, as well as the testimony of any witnesses.  
  4. Finally, determine if you need a lawyer. Although some cases can be easily resolved, other times, the help of a Houston auto accident attorney can be crucial, especially if there are significant damages to your vehicle. 

In the case where the driver didn’t leave a note, then the steps will mostly be the same, but with the obvious exception of not being able to contact the driver. 

What To Do if You Hit a Parked Car

In the scenario that you hit a parked car, it’s best not to panic. Instead, there are some tips you can follow to make the process easier. For starters, you will want to assess the damages and talk to the driver. If they’re not present, leave a note providing information such as your name, phone number, and your insurance company.

You will want to follow through with this step even if it seems like there are no apparent damages. This is especially necessary because section 550.024 of the Texas transportation code doesn’t distinguish between types of damages sustained to a parked car. 

Finally, it’s a good idea to have an experienced attorney on your side that can give you the right representation. Even in the case of a minor scratch, it’s possible for a situation to escalate, and that’s why having an attorney can give you peace of mind. 

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