Hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents can leave the victim scared and unsure about what to do next. Running from the scene of the accident is considered a crime, and doing so could lead to a felony charge with a fine, and sometimes even imprisonment.

Understanding how the investigation process works can help you access the compensation that you need after being injured in a hit-and-run accident. Keep reading to learn how these investigations work and how you can assist in the process by making the right choices immediately following your accident.

What Should the Hit-and-Run Accident Victim Do Following Their Accident?

After a hit-and-run car accident, your medical needs come first. After you’ve received any medical treatment that you may need, you can follow a few steps to improve your likelihood of successfully accessing financial relief:

  • Call Police After a hit-and-run accident, calling the police as soon as possible may help in tracking down the at-fault driver. Police will be able to write up a report that will be helpful for your attorney and insurance.
  • Collect Evidence Write down everything you can remember about the accident including the date, time, and location. Collect any available evidence, such as eyewitness accounts or videos of the accident. Below, you can find more details about evidence that may be relevant following a hit-and-run.
  • Hire an Attorney You may wonder if you should hire an attorney to work with you as you file a hit-and-run claim. Having an experienced attorney on your side may relieve some stress you feel, and your attorney can talk with your insurance, and assist in compensation claims.

Gathering Evidence to Can Support Your Hit-and-Run Investigation 

Seeking medical assistance if necessary should be the first step you take after a hit-and-run accident. If you can, you should call the police as soon as possible so that the hit-and-run investigations can begin. If you can’t make the call yourself, ask for help.

While the police will cary out the hit-and-run investigation process themselves, you or your car accident attorney can also look for the following evidence to help determine who may have been involved:

  • Vehicle Description This can include the color of the vehicle as well as the make and model. Knowing the license plate number is also a big help to police in finding the driver.  
  • Driver Description A description of gender, age, and hair color are some great tools in identifying the at-fault driver. Vehicles involved in a hit-and-run accident could have been driven by someone besides the owner, and may not match the car’s registration.
  • Surveillance Cameras If the accident occurred on a busy street, chances are cameras may have caught it. Vehicle cameras can also be good resources, so check with the eyewitnesses for any footage they may have. 
  • Eyewitness Accounts Witnesses can help in identifying the at-fault driver, providing vehicle descriptions, and informing police how the accident occurred.

Along with the evidence for the investigation, you will also need evidence to support any claim you choose to make. One key piece of information that you will need is the police report. The police will provide you with a report that you can pass on to your car accident attorney

Houston Car Accident Attorneys Serving Victims of Hit-and-Runs

Hit-and-run car accident victims may face significant medical and emotional harm due to their accident, as well as stress during the hit-and-run investigation process. 

While investigating the crime is the job of the police, an experienced attorney can assist you with the process so that you can  focus on healing. The experienced and caring team of attorneys at Lapeze & Johns have worked with people just like you and can assist you in your hit-and-run car accident case. 

If you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, call the office of Lapeze & Johns today for a free consultation.

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