A 68-year-old woman has died after a fiery two-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler. The crash occurred on Friday, January 7, around 10:32 p.m. near Kilgore, TX. 

According to a preliminary crash report, a 2004 Mazda Tribute was disabled in the inside lane of I-20 when an 18-wheeler struck it. The Mazda was engulfed in flames as a result of the accident. A justice of the peace pronounced one victim dead at the scene.

The Fiery Crash

On Friday, January 7, a 2004 Mazda Tribute was disabled in the inside lane of I-20 from a previous single-vehicle wreck. Around 10:30 p.m., a 2021 Kenworth tractor-trailer rig was traveling in the inside lane of I-20 when it struck the Mazda Tribute. As a result, the Mazda burst into flames, engulfing the entire vehicle. 

A justice of the peace pronounced the 68-year-old driver of the Mazda dead at the scene. According to DPS, the 40-year-old driver of the 18-wheeler did not suffer any injuries. 

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Becomes Disabled On The Road?

Whether you’ve just been involved in an accident or your vehicle broke down, it can be scary if your vehicle is disabled on a busy road or highway. In these instances, it’s important to follow the proper safety procedures to prevent any further damage to your vehicle and yourself. 

If you find yourself stuck on the road, follow these tips to remain safe until help arrives:

  • Pull as far right off the road as possible — Staying in the middle of the road can lead to a crash if other vehicles aren’t paying attention.
  • Turn your hazard lights on — Turning on your hazard lights alerts other vehicles that you’re having an emergency.
  • Once your vehicle is in a safe location, call 911 — Call the authorities and tell them your situation along with your location as soon as possible.
  • Call for roadside assistance — Roadside assistance is often available through your insurance, AAA, or other providers. Call the number you have for roadside assistance and explain your situation to them.
  • Stay in your vehicle if possible and keep your seatbelt on — Leaving your vehicle could put you at risk of getting hit by another driver. 
  • If you’re forced to exit your vehicle, get out on the side away from traffic — Exit your vehicle away from traffic, assess the damages, and if possible, get back inside until help comes.

When your vehicle becomes disabled, adrenaline can set in and make it difficult for you to make responsible decisions. Although every circumstance is different, do what you can to get away from busy traffic until emergency services have arrived. 

If you’re driving on a busy road or highway and spot a vehicle on the side of the road, cautiously drive around them until you’re safely out of the way. Doing so can give the vehicle space and ensure that a second accident doesn’t take place.

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Source: KLTV, KETK

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