Two people were injured in a motorcycle crash involving a truck. The crash occurred on Tuesday, January 4, in San Angelo. 

The driver of a Chevrolet pickup truck failed to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist, which led to a collision in the middle of the intersection. The driver and passenger of the motorcycle were injured in the crash while the pickup truck driver suffered no injuries.

Details On the Motorcycle Crash

On Tuesday, January 4, a motorcycle was traveling north on South Bryant Blvd. when a pickup truck entered the intersection. The pickup truck was attempting to turn east on Avenue L but failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycle. The motorcycle collided with the truck in the middle of the intersection.

A 40-year-old male was driving the motorcycle and also had a 41-year-old female passenger. The driver of the motorcycle was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. According to authorities, he is now stable. The female passenger only suffered minor injuries and the driver of the pickup was not injured at all. 

It is unclear whether the driver of the pickup truck was cited with a violation.

How to Safely Share the Road With Motorcycles

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,014 motorcyclists were killed in 2019. Sharing the road with motorcyclists can be a challenge at times as they’re hard to notice, and some drivers can be unpredictable. 

Although motorcyclists have a responsibility to practice safe driving, there are a few things that other drivers can do to safely share the road:

  • Check your blind spots — Before changing lanes, thoroughly check your blind spots for motorcyclists.
  • Drive cautiously in bad weather — Bad weather can be difficult for motorcycles to drive through. If you’re driving next to one, give them extra space and time to react.
  • Give motorcycles space — When you’re driving behind other vehicles, it can be easy to trail closely. To safely drive behind a motorcycle, give them 4 to 5 seconds of trailing distance.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals — Intersections can be a dangerous place for vehicles if traffic signs and signals aren’t obeyed. Follow and obey all traffic signs and signals to minimize any confusion.
  • Be careful when passing — Before you pass a motorcycle, turn on your signal and keep plenty of distance when you pass them.
  • Turn your high beams off — High beams may help you see better, but they can create a hazard for motorcyclists. When you see any vehicle approaching you, it is best to turn your high beams off.

It can be easy to overlook motorcycles on the road as you’re used to driving next to larger vehicles. Implementing these safety tips can help protect yourself and motorcyclists from severe or fatal crashes. 

The next time you get behind the wheel, make an effort to look out for motorcycles and proceed with caution whenever you’re near them.

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Source: SanAngeloLive

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