Texas authorities report that three people are dead and two children are in the hospital following a car collision that ended in both cars catching fire. The crash, which occurred around 12 p.m. on December 20 near the intersection of FM 665 and Country Road 61 near Petronila, is believed to have been caused by speeding.

Details of the Car Accident

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the collision occurred around noon on Sunday when the two vehicles involved collided head-on. DPS Troopers reported that witnesses had claimed to see a driver of an old passenger vehicle speeding past other vehicles prior to the crash.

The collision happened when one passenger vehicle struck a four-door passenger vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, throwing both vehicles into a nearby field where they caught fire. Authorities have stated that initial reports suggest that the driver’s behavior–speeding past other vehicles–may have played a role.

Two women, 22 and 31 years of age, and a so-far unidentified man died as a result of the crash. Two children, ages 3 and 8, were transported to a nearby hospital but are expected to recover.

Speeding Car Accidents in Texas

It’s fair to say that Texas’ record when it comes to roadway safety is a bit spotty if not downright dreadful. However, in one area, Texas actually performs better than the national average: speeding tickets.

According to Insurify, between 9 and 10% of texas drivers have at least one speeding ticket on their record. Of course, just because Texas drivers are getting fewer tickets doesn’t necessarily mean that there is less speeding.

Within the state itself, car accidents involving over-the-limit speeds have stayed relatively stagnant for the last 10 years. Each year, roughly 300 Texans are killed due to speeding. Rates peaked in 2014 at 345 deaths. In 2019, there were 284 speeding-related deaths, an increase of nearly 9%. This means that Texans need to be doing more to cut back on speeding.

However, we acknowledge that it can be difficult to avoid speeding. You can follow our tips below to help combat your own urge to speed and share them with loved ones to help keep them safe on the road.

Every time we set out on the road, there’s a chance that we could be involved in an accident. With that in mind, we should each do everything we can to cut out unnecessary risks when we’re driving.

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