A collision occurred on the Eastex Freeway on Tuesday after a vehicle had to pull over due to mechanical issues. The crash resulted in the hospitalization of one driver and the death of his teenage passenger.

Incident Details

On Tuesday evening, a collision involving four vehicles traveling southbound on US-59 led to the death of one teen passenger. The collision happened after a Mercedes experienced mechanical difficulties and broke down in the US-59 southbound lanes between Townsen and Kingwood Drive.

After the vehicle broke down, both occupants of the Mercedes exited the vehicle. Within moments, a Dodge pickup that was also traveling southbound on US-59 stopped behind the Mercedes to offer assistance.

At this point, a third vehicle collided with the back of the Dodge pickup before careening into another vehicle. The incident ended when this third vehicle, a Nissan, slammed into the Mercedes, pushing it through the median and into the feeder road. The Nissan was occupied by a driver and his 17-year-old passenger.

According to the police, the cab of the Nissan collapsed, placing both occupants in serious danger. While the driver was able to escape without fatal injuries, his 17-year-old passenger died on the scene. Houston firefighters spent 45 minutes trying to free the teen from the wreckage. The driver was taken to the hospital, but the severity of his injuries is unclear at this time.

Authorities told reporters that they believe “speed did play a part” in this accident but that drugs and alcohol were not involved.

What to Do In Case of Car Troubles on the Freeway

There are few things in life more frustrating than when our vehicles, devices, and common tools malfunction. In the case of cars, however, that frustration can unknowingly put us in harm’s way.

When experiencing car trouble on the road, things can quickly become overwhelming. After all, a small misstep can lead to serious danger or legal consequences when you’re dealing with fast-moving cars. You can follow a few simple steps to help you stay calm and, more importantly, safe:

  1. Alert fellow drivers — Use your hazard lights to let other drivers know you’re having trouble. Leave them on until assistance arrives.
  2. Slow down and pull off — If possible, pull off onto the right shoulder of the road. Aim for a flat area that is away from traffic, if you can.
  3. Secure your vehicle — To keep your vehicle from rolling into traffic, engage your emergency brake and turn your wheels away from the road.
  4. Stay in the car — Generally, stepping out of your car is more dangerous than staying in your vehicle where you have some protection. If you must leave your vehicle, make sure the road is clear and use the shoulder-side door.
  5. Stay in sight — Keep in sight of the road at all times to let other drivers know that you need assistance.
  6. Use hazard markers — If you can, use flares, caution triangles, or other reflectors to alert other drivers of your vehicle’s presence.
  7. Call for assistance — If you’re in an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, contact a tow truck, roadside assistance, or mechanic. Depending on your provider, your insurance company may also be able to offer assistance.

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Source: ABC13

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