On the night of Sunday, June 21st, a BMW crashed into a Houston Fire Department firetruck as they were intentionally blocking traffic trying to clear out a separate car crash that happened within the same proximity. 

Details About The Incident

According to local authorities, the accident occurred just around 11:00 p.m. within the 9400 block of Gulf Freeway. As the HFD truck was blocking the road in order to clear out a hit-and-run crash that occurred in that area, a BMW traveling northbound struck into the front left side of the truck’s engine, causing significant damage to both parties.

Four firefighters were inside the truck when the crash occurred and were all taken to the nearest hospital where they all remain in stable condition. The 15-year-old who was riding in the front seat of the BMW suffered significant injuries and was rushed to the hospital. The teenager is expected to survive.

Authorities say there were no signs of intoxicated driving. 

The Dangers of Distracted Driving 

While this particular accident is still under investigation, many similar car accidents can occur because of distracted driving. Operating a vehicle and not putting your full, undivided attention to the road ahead of you can be a serious hazard, not only to you but your passengers and anyone else you share the road with.

As a matter of fact, distracted driving accounted for a total of 2,841 fatalities and over 400,000 injuries on U.S roadways in 2018. Out of those fatalities, 60.8% were drivers, 21.4% were passengers, 14% were pedestrians, and 2.7% were bicyclists.

Texas alone had a total of 95,572 distracted driving incidents and 398 related-fatalities in 2018, which accounted for 14% of all related deaths across the U.S. 

Major Factors Leading To Distracted Driving Accidents

There are several interpretations in regards to what classifies as distracted driving. Some of the most notable cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Cell phone use
  • Texting-and-driving
  • Conversations or heated arguments with passengers
  • Eating while operating the vehicle
  • Listening to music at an abnormally high volume
  • Radio, control screen, and/or playlist adjusting

It is estimated that cell phone use while behind the wheel can drastically reduce your brain’s ability to focus while driving by 37%. Texting-and-driving, on the other hand, can take away a person’s ability to focus on the road for an average of 5 seconds, which is just enough time to cause a catastrophic car accident.

Fatigue Driving Also Plays a Factor Into Distracted Driving

While it is not considered a “distraction” per se, drowsy driving–also known as fatigue driving–can also play a pivotal factor in causing a major car accident. It can happen when a driver is either too tired or too sick to be able to properly operate a vehicle, either as a result of an illness, a long day at work, or driving for a long period of time.

As a result, between 2013 through 2017, there has been a reported 4,111 total fatalities as a result of driver fatigue on U.S roadways. The best possible way to prevent such car accidents on your end would be to get the proper amount of rest necessary in order to be alert and mindful of your surroundings when behind the wheel. If you really need to get somewhere, make arrangements with somebody else that can safely transport you to your destination.

Lapeze & Johns: Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Ready To Represent Car Accident Victims 

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Sources: Houston Chronicle, ABC13

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