The purpose of the legal system is to allow Americans to seek justice for any wrongs done against them. One key factor of this system is the ability to file lawsuits. Lawsuits allow filers to seek compensation from those who have injured them in some way, simultaneously discouraging businesses and corporations from taking advantage of consumers.

Unfortunately, many consumers miss their opportunity to seek justice due to the many myths surrounding the lawsuit filing process. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or injured due to the negligence taken by a business or their products, seek the assistance of a Houston car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer from Lapeze & Johns to determine if you could be eligible for compensation.

Myth 1: Filing a Lawsuit Requires Expensive Upfront Costs

One common misconception regarding the lawsuit filing process is that filing will mean you have to pay significant up front costs and fees. However, the truth is that many lawyers, including Lapeze & Johns, work on a model by which they only receive payment if your case is successfully resolved. This means that you won’t be charged an upfront fee or any fees throughout the process. At Lapeze & Johns, we believe everyone has the right to seek justice for personal injury, no matter their income.

Myth 2: You Will Need to Go to Court or See a Judge

Another common misconception about lawsuits is that they happen in a courtroom in front of a judge. In truth, court trials are expensive and time consuming. Most people involved in a lawsuit want to avoid trial if they think there’s any chance they will lose.

While this might seem to mean that you don’t need a lawyer to file a successful lawsuit, it really means that choosing a lawyer who can negotiate a settlement competently on your behalf is, if anything, even more important. Should the need for representation in court arise, an experienced lawyer can help you there, too.

Myth 3: Filing a Lawsuit Could Hurt Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs

While most of us probably wouldn’t feel conflicted about suing a faceless corporation for a wrong, we might hesitate to sue a small business owner because we don’t want to hurt an individual. However, one fact about lawsuits that many potential claimants don’t know is that the brunt of the suit will likely fall on the insurance company of the person being sued.

From gyms, to grocery stores, to hair salons, most small businesses are covered by insurance policies meant to cover any accidents that may occur in their line of work. Similarly, the majority of drivers are insured, meaning that virtually any successful lawsuits you file regarding a car accident will be covered by the driver’s insurance company, not the driver themself.

Myth 4: A Lawsuit Will Take Away Your Privacy

Some individuals who feel they may be owed legal compensation for an injury hesitate to file a lawsuit because they worry the details of their life will be exposed to the public in the process. While many private aspects of your life could potentially play a role in your case, the settlement process can often be conducted privately with all parties restricted by law from disclosing any of the details or terms of the agreement. However, this is not true in all cases, so you may wish to speak with an attorney if this poses a problem for you.

Myth 5: You Will Need to Meet With A Lawyer Face-to-Face

While going to an in-person appointment with an attorney and sifting through paperwork is inconvenient in the best of times, these sorts of appointments become an even larger hurdle during difficult times. However, at Lapeze & Johns, we put our clients’ health and safety first.

To help ensure that immunocompromised or isolated individuals also have an opportunity to seek justice, the entirety of the filing and paperwork process can be done virtually via email, telephone, and videoconference.

Myth 6: You’re Stuck With the First Attorney You Choose

Unfortunately, some of the myths surrounding lawsuit filings are perpetuated by less reputable layers themselves. Some lawyers will imply that you are contractually obligated to stick with their representation throughout the course of your suit. However, this is completely false.

If you are unsatisfied with your lawyer for any reason, you are free to change representation at any time. In fact, if you feel your lawyer could be damaging your case, you should seek new representation as soon as possible. Your new lawyer may be able to counteract any harm that was done.

Your Houston Car Accident Attorneys: Lapeze & Johns

With over 30 years of combined experience, Keith and Chris have what it takes to help you find financial relief for mounting debt caused by negligent accidents.

Filing a lawsuit isn’t easy, but you don’t have to face the process alone. No matter if you’ve been involved in a car accident, injured at work, or negatively affected by a faulty product, we would be proud to represent you either in a court of law or insurance negotiations.

Put the myths to rest when you hire the experienced personal injury lawyers of Lapeze & Johns today.

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