On Thursday, December 23, an Amazon 18-wheeler was left hanging off Interstate 35 in San Antonio. The 18-wheeler was cut off by another vehicle on the road causing the driver to lose control and go over the wall. The driver was not seriously injured in the crash.

The 18-Wheeler Crash

An Amazon delivery driver was heading south on Interstate 35 in the early morning of December 23 when another vehicle cut the 18-wheeler off causing the driver to lose control due to a wet roadway. The cab veered off the elevated highway onto the access road. During the crash, the trailer broke free from the cab, skidded along the concrete wall, and stopped while part of it hung off the elevated highway. The Amazon delivery driver was not seriously injured in the crash.

According to police, the Amazon truck was not carrying any packages at the time of the crash. The southbound access road and main lanes of the highway were closed down after the crash to allow for cleanup. Part of the elevated highway wall was damaged in the crash. 

Police stated that the Texas Department of Transportation will be responsible for the repair.

How to Safely Share the Road With 18-Wheelers

Driving behind an 18-wheeler can be frustrating, especially if you’re stuck and in a hurry. Impatience can get the best of drivers, causing them to make rash decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions could put you and other drivers in serious danger. 

In order to safely share the road with 18-wheelers, there are a few tips you should follow:

  • Stay alert — Because 18-wheelers are large in size, it can take them longer to react to something on the road. Staying alert to traffic flow, vehicle locations, and signals can help you change your route quickly if necessary.
  • Maintain a safe distance — When driving behind a semi-truck, keep a good amount of distance to allow for merging, sudden stops, or lane changes.
  • Avoid blind spots — Certain areas in front and beside an 18-wheeler cannot be seen by the truck driver. Avoid these areas to ensure that the driver can see your vehicle at all times.
  • Do not cut them off — Because of their size, semi-trucks require a longer distance to stop. If you cut them off, they may have to swerve, which could cause a collision. 
  • Always signal — In order to give an 18-wheeler enough time to react, signal at least 3 seconds before making a lane change. This will allow the truck driver to slow down or change lanes if necessary.

Although it can be difficult to share the road with 18-wheelers, following these tips can allow you to safely share the road with them. The next time you get behind the wheel, make it a point to watch out for semi-trucks and give them the courtesy of driving responsibly next to and around them.

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Source: KSAT, KENS5

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