Dozens of cases of beer tumbled across a Texas highway on Thursday, May 13th, when the semi-truck they were being hauled in overturned. The accident involved three vehicles and left one individual hospitalized.

The Foamy Accident

Arkansas Pass officials reported that an accident involving a semi-truck full of beer along with two other vehicles had occurred on Highway 35 Bypass near Moore Road. The two other vehicles involved were a passenger car and a pickup truck pulling a boat.

The accident allegedly took place when the car pulled onto the highway in front of the semi-truck, causing it to turn over. As a result, the trailer split where it struck the ground, spilling cases of beer across the highway.

Shortly after, the truck pulling a boat ran into the semi’s trailer. The driver of the truck was trapped inside the cab of his vehicle for a short time until authorities were able to free him. He was transported to a hospital, but the extent of his injuries is unclear.

No other injuries were reported. Authorities were able to clear the beer from the roadway and reopen it for traffic by Thursday afternoon.

Texas Semi-Truck Spills

Apples, bees, and chicken guts— those are just a few of the things that spewed all over Texas highways this year alone following accidents involving cargo trailers. While the contents spilled on the highway span a wide range of variety, the most common materials include fuel and oil.

Unfortunately, spills involving these kinds of hazardous materials have the potential to become more dangerous even after the vehicles have stopped moving. There’s also a tendency for these accidents to happen on or near bridges where the flammable liquids can splash onto the roadway or ground below. Bridge accidents may be more common due to ice, narrower roadways, or clearance restrictions.

There is yet another hidden risk of these oil and fuel spills. When spills happen in populated areas with storm drains, gallons of flammable material can pour into the drains, potentially polluting local water systems. If it rains not too long after an accident, the chance of completely cleaning up all of the liquid is slim.

While spilled chicken guts may be rather harmless, no one wants their neighborhood flooded with a swarm of angry bees, or worse – thousands of gallons of oil. While you may not be able to control the behavior of truckers on the road, you can do your best to avoid contributing to these types of accidents by taking special care when driving near semi-trucks.

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Source: WTSP


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