During this time of year, many people travel outside of Texas to spend the holidays with their loved ones or just to enjoy a wintery landscape. However, as you get beyond Texas, you might find yourself traveling in hazardous winter weather conditions. In order to safely celebrate Christmas this year, there are a few tips you should follow while on the road. Celebrate a safe Christmas this year with these helpful tips from your Houston car accident attorneys.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Before you head out on the road, take some time to plan out your trip. Try to avoid traveling on the busiest days if you can. The busiest travel days are often the last day of school before the break and the last working day before Christmas.  Planning can also help you get familiar with alternative routes in the event of bad weather or heavy traffic. You’ll feel more confident during your trip and safely arrive at your destination if you plan ahead.

2. Check Your Car

Whether you’re headed across the country or just across town for Christmas, it’s important that your car is caught up on basic maintenance. Your car should be full of gas or fully charged if you have an electric car.  Check your battery as the cold, damp weather along with age can put it at risk of dying. For longer trips, you may want to check your oil levels, windshield washer fluid, and tire pressure. These can all keep your car more reliable during long road trips and will put your mind at ease as you drive.

3. Be Alert

Before a long road trip, it’s crucial that you get a good night’s rest. The roads are often packed with other cars during this time of year and weather can be quite unpredictable.  Make sure you are alert when behind the wheel so that you can react quickly to anything that happens on the road. If necessary, take frequent breaks so that you can get some fresh air and stretch. Stay hydrated and eat foods that will give your body more energy behind the wheel.

4. Drive Cautiously

Driving during Christmas can mean extra traffic and hazardous weather. While rare in Texas, snow and ice can still occur, and when they do, it can be dangerous for Texans to drive in.  If you’re facing winter weather conditions be sure to drive cautiously. Drive at or below the posted speed limit, keep a good amount of distance from the car in front of you, use your side and rearview mirrors, and always signal before changing lanes. In winter weather conditions, it’s always better to drive cautiously than recklessly and risk getting in a severe crash.

5. Pack a Car Emergency Kit

Every driver should have a car emergency kit packed throughout the year, but it’s especially necessary during the winter months. An emergency kit can contain items that will keep you safe and warm in the event of an accident or breakdown on the road.  While every car emergency kit may vary, some staple items to pack include:

  • Water
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Warm clothes
  • Portable phone charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Empty fuel can
  • Shovel or scraper

These items can help you get out of an emergency or keep you comfortable until help arrives. Before heading out on the road, double-check your car emergency kit to make sure all the proper tools and items are there. If you’re traveling with more than one person, bring enough supplies for everyone in the vehicle.

Stay Safe on the Road This Christmas With Lapeze & Johns

Having a safe Christmas starts with staying safe on the road. Being prepared before you travel north for Christmas is key to making it to your destination safely. Drive responsibly and cautiously to prevent a severe accident or fatality this holiday season.

If you’ve been involved in an accident this Christmas, reach out to your Houston car accident attorneys at Lapeze & Johns today to get started on your legal claim.

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