On the afternoon of Saturday, July 4th, a multi-vehicle crash in Southeast Houston left one man dead after striking several cars and eventually rolling over.

Details About the Incident

According to local authorities, the accident occurred at around 1 p.m. on Howard Road. A man driving a Lincoln MKX rammed into a vehicle at a red light stop. The driver then attempted to flee from the incident and drove away from the scene at a high speed.

As the man got to the intersection of Howard and Galveston Road, he ultimately struck two additional vehicles, which caused his own vehicle to rollover. The driver was rushed to the hospital and was later pronounced dead.

A woman inside one of the vehicles that were struck was taken to the hospital and is being treated. No other injuries from other vehicles were reported.

Authorities also revealed that the man driving the Lincoln was carrying bottles of alcohol but was unclear if he was driving intoxicated or not. 

The Catastrophic and Costly Results of a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Due to their nature, multi-vehicle accidents can cause severe physical, emotional, and mental injuries that can cost thousands in damages. In 2018, multiple vehicle-related accidents accounted for a whopping 47% of all U.S traffic fatalities–around 17,079 deaths.

As for Texas, their multi-vehicle rate accounted for approximately 17% of all fatalities that same year, with a total death toll of 1,802. In the majority of these cases, determining who exactly was at fault can be a rather confusing process altogether, usually determined in court based on the evidence and clear factors brought upon by all respective parties involved.

On another note, Independence day weekend tends to be one of the deadliest days to be on the road, as many drivers irresponsibly overconsume alcohol and get behind the wheel. In fact, the 4th of July averages approximately 307 fatalities on U.S. roadways annually, and the City of Houston usually carries the most fatal accidents every year. Additionally, approximately 40% of the 4th of July weekend fatalities involve an intoxicated driver.

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As a friendly reminder, the Houston car accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns would like to remind our clients and fellow Houstonians that regardless of whatever national holiday it may be, no one should get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

If one were to cause a traumatic tragedy behind the wheel under the influence, the lives of those innocent victims involved can be forever be flipped upside down, bringing with it a great financial burden from resulting medical bills, rehabilitation, and even funeral costs.

The Houston car accident lawyers of Lapeze & Johns are here to serve those victims across Houston and its surrounding areas and will guide them through the entire legal process in order to get them the compensation and justice they deserve for their injuries and pain and suffering.

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Source: Houston Chronicle

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